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  • In the Sudan, they are practicing genocide on their own people ... and we do nothing. Why? Because there's no profit in it.

    When the Bush Administration unilaterally decided to invade Iraq, they did not say one word about Saddam gassing his own people. In fact, we knew he'd done it in the past and didn't do anything about it then. Why would we now? Again, we had a financial interest in it now -- or at least Bush and his oil cronies did. Plus the Bush administration was trying to flim flam the American people into not noticing how Bush and Cheney had illegally profitted from Enron, how they had not caught Osama bin Ladin, how they had no energy policy to speak of and how they had let our economy go down the toilet. People talk about "tax and spend liberals"...what a bunch of malarky! At least liberals are willing to pay for the services their country offers. The opposite of that is "borrow and spend conservatives" who have no problem running up a billion dollar deficits and handing the bill to our children.

    -- on Terrible evil in the whitehouse on December 29th, 2004