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Added: December 12th, 2003

Cean Lakranski

A member of the community since May 31st, 2003.
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  • Bio: FaYcElEsS has found a new lead singer!! :)

    FaYcElEsS might be changing it's name to either detour or wikid [due to techincal problems and lawsuit issues)
    ! ! !
    > O
    which really pisses off the band... go to the Fayceless website and the page will be blank. at the very bottom you will see 4 voting polls, one for each name.
    1. change name to Detour
    2. change name to WikiD
    3. keep name of Fayceless anyways
    4. whoop the prosecutors ass and keep the name anyways

    click one (on the website) to vote. whichever has the highest % by the end of next week, that will be the name we will be changing to [[if changing at all, depending on the votes :) ]]

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