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Added: March 25th, 2002

StU aRt

A member of the community since November 13th, 1999.
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  • Bio: AYE!!! So Y'all wanna know about me... Well what can I tell ya? I sure as hell don't know. I play the drums...'course I suppose you might know that. Well Lets see Im 23, born Mar. 29, 1979. I wear baggy clothes 'cause, c'mon, they're more comfy than somethin' tight...and I just dont think I look too sexy in tight clothes, kinda scary really. I love rock....thats where my heart is! BUT I am a big fan of rap too! DMX, Jigga, snoop, Dre, Eminem, Its all good shit! But I gotta say nuthin gets me as wriled up and ready to stomp around and break stuff like David Mathews! Now the sheot! But Im not so big on the country...I like ONE maybe TWO country songs and I dont even really know the names of them, no wait..."Way down yonder on the chatahoochie" is one. So other than that, NO COUNTRY. Its the devils work! oooh I can tell you that I pretty much skipped over the 80's too (thank god) all you fools with your tight rolls and skids and all yer damn hair bands HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Screw that. I wore hand me down clothes and listened to the beatles EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY! I didn't even have my own boom box until I was like 12 or 13, at which point the first album I purchased was Nirvana. Oh yeah I did experience one thing in the 80's.....Tiffany. ouch. But I suppose we all have our down falls, dont we? Anywho, thats a lil bit o me in a nutshell, and right now I would like to share with you all the most moving poem I have ever read. I dont usually do mushy stuff like this, but it was just too exceptional to not let it be heard by all the peoples out there that take a peep at my BiOgRaEpIpHaNy!!! Well 'nuff we go:

    "Twas a cold September morn,
    When I found my love,inside your horn.
    I wiped the "dipt" from off my chin,
    Your engine roar enticed a grin.
    With Skynard on the 8 track blarin,
    In my lights a deer was starin,
    I swerved to miss that frightened buck.
    Smashed my car....
    -SiFl & OlLiE

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