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Hungover in Billings, MT

The rock world claimed another victim this summer on July 26, 2004 as Cody Phipps was caught absolutely hungover in Billings, Montana that afternoon. While wasting time waiting for a performance in neighboring (by Montana standards, at least) Bozeman, Phipps proceeded to consume as much alcohol as humanly (or alienly) possible. He even procured the shirt that stated the obvious fact (see above picture). Its hard to say how long the events lasted or how much was consumed, but local bar owners claim to have been completely sold out of all intoxicating beverages. Two other miscreants, and known alcohol consumers, Clint Phipps, and Greg Angus, are also under observation by the FTA, but are currently at large, purportedly travelling somewhere across America...

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Cody searches for the Phipps Picnic Spot of 19__ - Glacier Ntnl Park, MT, July 29, 2004