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Phluxstock 2000 has come and gone. You can check out the Press Release to read about the event, and follow up in the Message Boards if you want to talk about it with other fans.



PHLUXSTOCK 2000 is the second annual Battle of the Bands hosted by PHLUX. It's a showcase of the original talent in the Washington County music scene.

When: Saturday, June 17, 2000
Where: UMM Performing Arts Center, Machias, Maine
More Details

There was a pre-show on June 3rd.

The Bands

Here's the lineup for PHLUXSTOCK 2000 (in no particular order):

The Stuff

There will be some fine merchandise available at the show, including the new Phlux studio CD ($12), the Phlux demo CD ($6), Phlux t-shirts ($15), Phluxstock t-shirts ($10), Phlux window decals ($2), plus extra goodies from Phlux and merchandise from other bands. Bring some extra dough to take home Phlux and Phluxstock memories.