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Copyright © 2000 Clint Phipps

A cool liquid passes my lips
I found the fountain by the drips
I chased the water expected clear
What I found filled me with fear

and the maze upon my fingertips left marks upon the stone behind her head

A stained blade rests against the ground
Her still warm fingers twisted 'round
Red feathers fan downstream
Through the water from her veins

the color of her lips increased the age upon my face a fold of two

They said they'd better let her find a better way
They came to get her had to drag her from the waterway

A pristine fountain once flowed for life
Worships her body like a shrine
Cool liquid fingers caress her spine
And take away what once was mine

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  • Red (MP3) - 30 second clip. Copyright © 2000 Clint Phipps