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Closer 2 the End
Copyright © 2000 Cody Phipps

I let my guard down and you stabbed me in the back
I never saw it coming and now everything fades black

Take me where the posies lie I feel dead again
Tie me down and make me fly farther than I've been

I am sure I'm not sure
Is it her I endure

I thought I'd gotten over you but that was my mistake
And when you gave me room to breathe you burned me at the stake

I see you you don't see me
I'm your one true friend
Breaking ground that's farther down
Closer to the end

I never would suspect that you could be so mean to me
And after all the fun we've had its kinda hard to see

Closer to the end
Closer to the end my friend
I feel dead again
Farther than I've ever been
One step closer to the end

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