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Copyright © 2000 Clint Phipps

Do do do (etc...)
Oh well so much for doing well welcome to hell
Honestly I don't remember much about how you used to be
Honestly I'm kinda out of touch stuck in a shallow salty sea
WOO HOO so much for shooting true it all fell through
Honestly I don't get out too much but that's not as bad as it might seem
I could take the time to toe the line and wipe away the grime
And make the world a better place but that's not me
WOO HOO I pass it off on you
Its all your fault and baby doll
I'm so sad you're sucking someone else's balls
Honestly I couldn't care much less
But it does all seem to be coming back some
It seems to me you used to be always such a mess
And to tell the truth I always thought you dumb
WOO HOO so much for loving you
I've hung up on my hang up and I'm sick of being blue

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