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This doesn't really pertain to me whereas I own the PHLUX album. But, you guys should put some of your awesome songs on the net for listening pleasure, that is if they are copyrighted.
It is a suggestion that I am sure you guys will keep in mind. I can't wait until tomorrow to see the new changes to
posted by Nick Smith on Nov 10, 2000 04:10PM

Ask, and it is granted. Check out the new discography pages. Clips & lyrics & pix, oh my!
posted by Zach Beane on Nov 10, 2000 11:23PM

Hey, we not only put released and unreleased songs in mp3 format, we went a step further and put up a full hour of live PHLUX performance for you all to listen to. And there are going to be bigger better changes in the future for and its members, so stay tuned...
posted by Cody Phipps on Nov 29, 2001 04:57PM

Remember, I just put up some new MP3's on the site, and more will be coming very soon. Keep your ear hooked to the net...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 26, 2003 02:02PM

Seriously, people, have you guys been keeping up with the new mp3s? What do you think?
posted by Cody Phipps on Aug 11, 2003 06:29PM

Hey, for some mp3s from the new CD... They're also on our site! Spread the PHLUXlove!
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 06, 2006 06:25PM