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Good Eats
Pardon a little domesticity on this site. I want to post some "how to make", not "recipes" (guys run screaming at THAT word.) Because, we all have to eat. Preferably, at least twice a day, and ideally, stuff that does not come out of a can or a drive-through window.
Ok. Carne mechada. I think it means "beef strips." I bought a flank steak and boiled it with an onion. Then I took it off the stove. While it was cooling, I cut up a pepper, an onion, and a half clove of garlic, and put it witha little oil and cooked it until it started smelling really good and was a little browned. While that is cooking in the oil (olive oil works best), and presumably after the flank steak has cooled a little, take the steak and a fork and proceed to strip it. Just peel away bits of steak in thin strips. Put it into an empty pot and heat it back up. Put the pepper/onion/garlic mixture in and stir thoroughly. While this is heating up, put about five tomatoes and a handful of fresh cilantro (found in the produce section) into a blender. Blend it up. Pour into pot. Throw in salt and whatever random spices you have at hand. Cook until optimal flavor least half hour. Keep it bubbling. Stir it some. Serve over rice and have a Corona.
posted by Ever Curious on Nov 04, 2000 04:21PM

Sounds good ...well..maybe not the Corona but the rest of it sounds good. It reminds of that joke recipie I heard take some flank steak, cow tongue and some bacon and cook it all together and its called "Lick My Greasy Ass".
posted by Chris Hancock on Nov 04, 2000 09:14PM

actually, I know how to cook up beef tongue too....but I won't TELL you how gross it looks boiling away in the pot.
Hancock can you cook? Can anyone on cook? If so, what???
posted by Ever Curious on Nov 05, 2000 02:54PM

hey Amity!

I can cook...steak, oodles of noodles, mac and cheese, anything out of a box and anything frozen (tv-dinners)...I need cooking lessons...but I can cook the

***mumbles...some wife I'll make someone...***


posted by Laura Woodman on Nov 05, 2000 11:24PM

I must say that cooking and food are some of the best things on earth. I dont cook much because more often than not I find myself, when looking for food, not being able to wait long enough to cook something. But on those occasions that I do find I can wait, I enjoy cooking very much. Its a very satisfying thing to make something yourself AND have it taste good. One of my faves, though at the moment I dont remember the actual recipe (I always have to look it up when I do it anyways), is kind of like a german pancake type thing...doesn't take long to make, but its very bland until you squeeze lemon all over it and dump on some sugar....oh god I could eat so many of em! Im a big fan of the grill....I can make most anything on that, other than that im good at following recipes. My final note here, I must say that clint always has some sort of amazingly delicious aroma escaping out of his kitchen!
posted by StU aRt on Nov 06, 2000 09:59AM

My better half is butchering a deer as I type this. Blech.
How do I cook the steaks so to minimize that game flavor?
Help, please...
posted by Ever Curious on Nov 11, 2000 04:48PM