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Halloween Bash
Hey Guys, I just wanted to tell you that I think you did an awesome job at the Parish Hall on Saturday...
I think that's the best show I've been to, mostly because of the way you played "Scratch"... That's my favorite Phlux song, and I think that the way you guys played it last night was mind blowing...
I love the little changes you've made to it, and I think you took a song that was a 10(on a scale of 1-10), and made it a 100.
That song is just tight. Every aspect of the song is way over the top, while I was watching you play it, I would focus my attention on each of you seperately for a minute or so, and just watch how you guys were playing, and you guys definitely have your shit together.
If you guys have a tape, or if anyone has a tape of that show, or even just "Scratch", I wanna copy. I'll pay for it, I don't care.
posted by Evan Ackley on Oct 29, 2000 09:15PM

I had fun too. Twas cool to hear that new sounded great. What was the name of it again?
posted by Zach Beane on Oct 30, 2000 09:42AM

You guys definately rocked! I was only there for an hour, but It was time enough to me to reasure myself that Phlux is one of the best bands around. Cody, your solo in "Enter Sandman" kicked some serious ass. Sounded just like the real thing, w/a few improvs that really made it fly. I also noticed that Greg has added a few new kicks to his arsenal, which really add to your sound. Great job guys, I cant wait to hear you again!
posted by -- on Oct 30, 2000 10:11AM

The show was awesome guys. I loved it. I wished it was video taped. I would have definetly bought a copy. If you guys ever think of video taping your concerts, you could also sell the tapes and make some money. Just, another publicity idea. You guys are awesome. Take care and I will most likely be at the next shows.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Oct 30, 2000 10:27AM

I also wanted to say that Spider kicked butt. Once again, that was an awesome performance.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Oct 30, 2000 10:29AM

The new tune was called "Oblivion".
posted by Chris Hancock on Oct 30, 2000 02:17PM

With so much good press on this show, I am damn sorry I was not there to see it. So, if anyone DID tape it, I would ALSO shell out some of my hard earned drossel dollars.
I really wish the best for Phlux. Part of the reason is because they originated in such a humble place: Washington County. There is so much talent there and Phlux represents!
posted by Ever Curious on Oct 30, 2000 07:00PM

Hey you guys ruled..once again!
I danced and danced and then I danced some more, I had an awesome time and cannot wait till the next one!
You guys are awesome!
posted by Mia Silverthorne on Oct 30, 2000 07:22PM