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Napster Suit Reveals Politics of the Web.
You need to sit up and pay attention and read this article right now.
This is scary shit. If you are all comfy in your blind belief that the world you live in is concrete and will be the same till the day you die, think again. That computer you are clicking away on, and that internet you're connected to, and that song you are downloading are the bare bones of a machine that could bring about a massive and perhaps cataclysmic change in your society and your life. That Russia was once an international super power, like the US is now, that has been reduced to a shattered memory of greatness is proof positive that it can happen in under a decade, even within a matter of months. Think about that. Do you want to have to walk to the store to stand in line for hours only to find that the rice has run out? IT IS POSSIBLE.
How fast did that "I love you" computer virus spread? The thoughts and ideologies addressed in the article have been incubating for a hell of a lot longer than that, and Napster has been the dirty needle that has injected those subversive ideologies into the veins of mainstream America.
Read the article and think about it. I direct your attention particularly to the Gnutella section. Then tell me if my words are merely sensational propaganda for some conservatively biased perspective that I hold. (And I really want you to think about that too, 'cause it's entirely possible.)
...To be fair, I will also point out that in many cases change is necessary and good. In fact, change is what we're all about. BUT. No one knows what lies on the other side of that wall and once you break it down, you'll never be able to put it back the same way.
posted by Clint Phipps on Oct 24, 2000 05:10PM