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A new show?!
Are you for real? Is there really going to be a new Phlux show this month?

Can you believe it's been over two years since the last "real" show?

posted by Zach Beane on Mar 04, 2009 12:30PM

posted by Zach Beane on Mar 05, 2009 02:16PM

Yeah its been a while! Definitely time to ROCK!
posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 05, 2009 03:02PM

Hey folks! The Exeter Show at Shooters was a great one. Thanks to all the folks, friends, familiar faces, and fans new & old that came out to support live music. Good lineup, good folks. Thanks to zach, beth, chrissy, erica, j&m, and the many many more who came out to rock! Some drove long and hard, and it really is wonderful to see that love of music. You guys are great.

Thanks to Heather for the filming, and hopefully you'll see some results of it on here shortly.

Thanks to Scott and the rest of Bite the Face for the Equipment. You guys had a great sounding set!

Stay tuned to more shows, also check for news...

posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 16, 2009 08:08AM

Hey good people. We're really psyched to be showing off some new material in an acoustic format. Hope you're all ready for some acoustic material coming up...
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 01, 2010 02:47PM