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What should the first single off our new CD be?
Hey peeps,
We're opening this up to public discussion. Let us know what song you want us to push as the first single (for radio, promos etc.)

If you haven't bought a copy of Intriguing Machine yet, you can listen to clips from the new CD on the news page.

We are going to pick which song to use soon, so if you want your vote to count post NOW! Let the fans decide!

posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 23, 2006 07:33PM

I honestly can't decide between Hang-up and February. (hence the vote!)
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 23, 2006 08:12PM

February are Hang-up are definitely the most mainstream- listening-type music, and that's not meant to be an insult at all, but more of a compliment - a tip of the hat to all your influences coming through. I love all the songs on the album, but I gotta say that those are my favorites. Pushing both as a single would be your best bet if you ask me. That's my vote. Oh yeah, and Granite Street... The whole album rocks.
My best,
Your sis,
posted by Amanda Phipps on Jun 23, 2006 08:23PM

My vote is for Granite Sreet, only because it's from the old neighborhood and I miss that place.


posted by andy thibodeau on Jun 23, 2006 08:33PM

I like February and Hang-Up best too. If I had to pick one it'd be Hang-Up.
posted by Zach Beane on Jun 25, 2006 08:26PM

I'm still pretty partial to PUSH.
posted by Clint Phipps on Jun 27, 2006 05:25PM

I love the do do do song (hangup) but i think it depends what you want to promote for the cd. Mandys right hangup is more mainstream and would prob catch faster but the tune for push expresses your hard rockn style for the cd
posted by Misty -- on Jun 28, 2006 07:48AM

I like either Neocon or Oblivion. I think they have a fresh sound which I think could really draw in new people. But that's just me.
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 29, 2006 02:41AM

Man, I tell you, these songs are all fun tunes, I am still tryin' to decide on my favorite one... Maybe its an impossible goal???
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 29, 2006 05:47PM

They are all great tunes. The entire disc is solid. Some heavy and some laid back a little, and it's challenging to narrow it down to a favorite. February is a great soulful track, with good vocals and lyrics and music that's nicely layered. Many songs that are up for broader interpretation can reach a lot of listeners, and anyone who has endured New England winters will easily identify with some elements of February. If promoting in P-Town, Granite Street is a good choice. I thought the song gave a clear glimpse into a personal experience living in Portland, and it reminded me of the time when I first started living on my own away from Washington County. I would think a lot of people would love the local reference to Granite Street. My favorite harder tune on the new CD is Change of Course: I find this song the most addicting to listen to, love occasional guitar pitch change and the higher-key guitar riff towards the end, and and the lyrics hit a nice chord with regards to change (at least the way I interpret them). Push is also a strong candidate for promoting Phlux: it's a nice edgy song to crank when you're pissed, seems to incorporate some Tool influence, but has it's own original kick.

I can picture hearing all four of these songs on some radio stations down our way, and encourage you to promote through 94.3 FM (WCYY/spin-out) and 98.9 FM (songs from area code 207) in my neck of the woods. Also consider Deer Isle's community radio station as well - I would think you'll reach some of the Deer Isle, MDI, and Bar Harbor communities to help spread awareness of the Bar Harbor shows with that small station.

posted by Kevin Thompson on Jul 25, 2006 12:35AM

I would say, it would have to be "Granite Street" I don't know what I like about it, but its a great song!
posted by Laura Woodman on Aug 23, 2006 12:16AM

There are quite a few I really love, however I am heading towards Push, because the only time I really care what I am listening to is when I am angry and depressed. That is when anysong I hear at that time would make me want to listen to the group. It sounds strange, but when I am happy I don't care what is on,so it does not make as much as an impact as to the opposite. The opposite feeling makes me want to search for a song that understands me in some way or another. I do love Oblivion and Granite Street. I am more partial to Oblivion out of the two. The Do Do Do song can be annoying to the point where I would find myself humming that all day long, however would be very catchy because people would not be able to get it out of their head after listening to it on the radio. Thanks for listening, now I need to get back to work so I can make more money to buy more of your kick ass CD's.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Aug 28, 2006 01:44PM