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It's a sad couple of weeks on the underground music/poetry scene here in Portland... Geno D'Alessandro Sr., owner of Geno's, passed away last Monday. Geno's was down on Brown St. for a long, long time and then moved up to where the Skinny used to be. The scene there has become increasingly hip in the past couple of years. They host many beloved local rock and punk acts as well as open mic poetry. It's a neat place to go. Geno, as the boys of Phlux are certainly aware, was a sort of legendary figure on the scene down here. Hats off to him, and to his contributions to local music and longevity in the face of rock 'n' roll.
There is to be a celebration of the life of Geno D'Alessandro next Wednesday, March 15 at 8 pm at Geno's on Congress St. in Portland.
posted by Piper -- on Mar 07, 2006 04:11AM

We'll be performing up here that night, but we'll definitely mention a little something about him at the show. I talked with him quite a few times over the years, in fact, just about every time we had a show there. He was a cool person, I'm sure he'll be sadly missed in P-town.
posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 08, 2006 07:12PM