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WA Orientation Show
you guys rocked the first day at WA!! next time u need to convince more people to get up there and boogie tho.. really. ok so the heat was a factor, but anyhow the music was great. hope to see u again soon
posted by Bee N on Sep 02, 2000 01:53PM

Thank you very much....It was great to play for all y'all new freshman at WA...and for those of you who were there to help out the freshman and show us around. Thank you to the girls who got us food water and the neccessities like sun tan lotion! WHEW what a hot day! Believe me I would have loved to see more and more of you guys up and jumpin and dancin, but we can only do so much....even though we try to do more and guys gotta get each other into it too! Its a group event!!! Thank you for the kind words and ears.....rock on!
posted by StU aRt on Sep 07, 2000 11:02AM

Thank you for your compliments - thank all for listening. And thank those who got into the music more than the rest: it is you that have found what is the most rewarding, and you that have received the greatest reward...
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 09, 2000 12:33AM