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Urge Congress to Investigate 2004 Voter Fraud
I, myself, documented every incident of attempted voter fraud that I read about leading up to and on the day of the election. My list was four pages long and I learn something new every day. Something is wrong here! And it doesn't matter if these issues would have affected the outcome of the election; it matters that these people TRIED to affect the outcome of the election. If someone had robbed a bank but been unsuccessful in their attempt, we would still have prosecuted them for bank robbery.

Our democracy depends on a free and fair election. We must ensure that. Every tax paying citizen in this country deserves to vote and to have their vote count. If people were wrongly prevented from voting, or if legitimate votes were mis-counted or not counted at all, we need to know so the wrongdoers can be held accountable, and to help prevent this from happening again.

Members of Congress are demanding an investigation to answer this question. Join me in supporting their call, at:

Walk in peace my friends.

posted by c -- on Nov 11, 2004 01:10PM