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August 10, 2000 at the OPT
OK, The show at the Old Port Tavern went smashingly. It was cool to play at a well populated bar, especially one with a reputation like the OPT's. Things got a little hairy and scary a few times during the set... I was particuarly concerned when that big 300 pound skinhead came out of the audience and picked Cody up by the hair and started pummeling him relentlessly... OK so that didn't really happen, I LIED!!!! But we were plagued with technical difficulties all night long. Stuff kept breaking. Strings, mic holders, drum heads, arms, legs, fingers - you know, the usual.
I must say though that getting up early the next day SUCKS. As I write this I am tired.
posted by Clint Phipps on Aug 11, 2000 09:58AM

posted by StU aRt on Aug 14, 2000 09:02AM

Yet again Greg comes up with another witty retort to a post on phluxnet.
posted by Chris Hancock on Aug 14, 2000 05:25PM

ZZZZZZZ.....snort, blah, poopytrip, gagagaga....hmm. Watch yer mouth Christophen!
posted by StU aRt on Aug 15, 2000 11:46AM

Uh oh I think I woke it up. I should know better. You want me to watch my mouth? How? Take my fucking eyeballs out and turn them around?
posted by Chris Hancock on Aug 15, 2000 10:54PM

AAA....look at this guy. Thinks hes a comedian. What'ya think yer funny? What funny? Funny how...what like a clown? Get the fuck outta my face.
posted by StU aRt on Aug 16, 2000 10:21AM

what the hell does any of this have to do with the old port show?
How was the opening band? I though they were pretty good. anyone else think so. by the way, your not so funny now are ya?
posted by -- on Aug 16, 2000 05:37PM

and yes, I thought Phlux put on a good performanc too.
posted by -- on Aug 16, 2000 05:48PM

Naw man I don't think I'm a comedian - I KNOW I'm a comedian. Specially when I get lil punks like you to work with.
posted by Chris Hancock on Aug 16, 2000 10:46PM

Alright you two. You need to knock this off before it gets outta hand. Infantile muther fuckers. Im puttin my foot down and stopping this right here! Christopher Hand-Cock go sit in your corner. Frank Frankerson????????? HAHAHA .......Frank go sit in your corner. And you both knock off the instigations!
posted by Guy Incognito on Aug 17, 2000 08:35AM

Well, i though the opening band was cool. But, Phlux was cool as well. I just wondered how long people would ramble on about shit that had nothing to do with past shows! Pretty long I guess. Anyway, will you play at the opt again? Would you play with LiFt again?
posted by -- on Aug 17, 2000 04:43PM