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Stu's Cymbals
Hey stu. What do you use for crashes. i know that they are Zildjian but that is about it.
posted by Nick Smith on Jul 21, 2000 01:52PM

Well you're very right...they are zildjians, with the exception of my high hats....those're powerbeats that I got when I purchased the set, for the two of them together it was 40 dollars so you can imagine the quality!! lol...yeah they suck. As for my ride cymbal...its a "ping ride." I belive its a 27" ping ride at that. My two crash cymbals...well they're both 17", but ones an "A" zildjian series, the other ones a P.O.S. oldies special! Thats the best I can do for you man. My high hats are busted and I need new ones and Im planning on getting a new crash to replace the POS one! But just because I do that I may still use the POS one just to have three at that point. FYI....I'm also planning on attaining myself a double bass pedal!!! I cannot wait!!!! Thank you for your question!
posted by StU aRt on Jul 23, 2000 01:02PM

Just an update. Stu got his new double bass pedal. Its very nifty. He also got a spiffy new Pearl snare drum. Ask him about it. He'll explain it in detail.
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 09, 2000 01:00AM

Hey Stu, what did you get for a pedal? I just got a DW 7000 series dbl pdl with money I made this summer. And you also got a new Pearl Snare? Sensitone? or is it a spiffy wooden one?
posted by Nick Smith on Sep 09, 2000 01:23PM

hey nick i found a place where you can get a DW delta 2 5000ND double bass pedal for $150
posted by Andy Sanchez on Feb 26, 2003 04:15PM

Really? where? Damn, I probably can't even call myself a drummer anymore. I haven't sat down at my set for jesus I don't know how long. Damn School!! naa..I try to play everytime I am go to the homeland of Machias. oh well enough about that. Tell me where you found this pedal? Rock on.
posted by Nick Smith on Feb 26, 2003 05:11PM

I have been looking for a double pedal so i decided id serch the web and then i found it at i had ran a search dw double bass pedals and it came up 12_002a so if you cant find the pedals at the url i gave you do the search
posted by Andy Sanchez on Feb 26, 2003 07:57PM

Wow dude, im an ass.....I never even saw your post from september....My bad. The double bass pedel I got was a dw7000 I think, I like it alot (still gettin used to it), but ive pretty much worn down the cotton side of the batter, Im gonna have to get a couple new ones, or just have them always flipped around. The snare I got, I friggin love.....Its like a 14" x 5.5" piccolo. Thing pops like a muthuh. I wanted one that I had seen with this light colored wood finish all around the shell.....but it was in a little bit of rough shape in a few minor areas, but then I saw the same snare a few dollors less in new condition at a drum store in portland, only thing was the shell was a brass color. I really wanted a piccolo snare and I loved the sound of this one and I wanted new rather than I got the brass. I still prefer the look of the wood one, but still sounds friggin kick ass. Sorry I didn't get back to you months ago. You should deffinately play that set more though dude.....thats all it is, just playin as much as you can. Keep it up man, and I'll try to answer your question much quicker next time dude.....sorry!
posted by StU aRt on Feb 27, 2003 09:18AM

Stu, what about your cowbell, woodblock, and triangle? Those are the best instruments you own!
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 19, 2004 10:00PM

um... quick question stu, how much do you usually pay for like crashes? cause here (toledo) they run for about like 250 - 500... unless you wanna cheap mx50...
posted by Cean Lakranski on Apr 25, 2004 07:22PM

The most Ive paid for a cymbal is about 200 bucks. And that was for a thick heavy large ping ride zildjian. All of my cymbals are zildjian, and I typically pay about 160-170 for each. Aha...actually I take that back my zildjian quick beat high hats were about 240. But thats for a pair really, so if you were to buy them individually (which you wouldnt really) it would be 120. Id suggest you start shopping from magazines man...get yerself some deals. The only thing that sux about mags is that you cant hear what the cymbal sounds like before you buy it which can change from cymbal to cymbal not just style to style or brand to brand. Almost every cymbal is going to sound different.....almost. Ive recently been looking at the zildjian platinum series...or is it titanium or somn. They're silver colored instead of like a gold/bronze and oh do they sound so the metel they're made of titanium alloy or whatever the hell it is apparently has a much higher tolerance against discoloring and eroding like alot of other cymbals do from the oil of yer hands and general useage. However they are a little more money to fork out of the pocket for...but I think it'll be worth it when I do. Hope this helped man.
posted by StU aRt on Apr 27, 2004 10:17AM

thx dude, and i think i know what cymbols you're talking about. the platinum series they jus came out with or somthing like that... yeah those are sweeeeeeeeeeeet ::drools:: but dude they're expensive. my friend has them they're resistant to alotta things ordinary cymbols can't deal with.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Apr 27, 2004 04:15PM