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Real constuctive critiscism.
Can I critique your little band without your 7 fans getting pissed at me. I doubt it, the truth huets. Cody can't sing very well, your lyrics are flacid because you write about thing you know absolutely nothing about, none of your songs have a hook, and your drummer is a big asshole, although he is a good drummer. The only asset your band has is Clint, who is an exceptional bass player. I realize that your seven ass kissing fans are going to stomp all over me, but I don't care, someone has to tell the truth. You'll probably be a good band once y'all grow up, but you got a ways to go.
posted by Jeremy Crenshaw on Dec 15, 2003 11:20AM

This is criticism, but I don't see the "constructive" part. What are your suggestions for improvement?

I don't think anyone thinks they're so perfect that they're above criticism; this looks more like you're pissed off and venting your spleen about matters of personal opinion. Cody can't sing, the songs are bad, Greg's an asshole? I disagree. Offer something substantial if you really want to give your message the label of "constructive criticism."

posted by Zach Beane on Dec 15, 2003 11:43AM

I have to say that I highly disagree with this remark! I feel that Cody is a great singer, I love the music and Greg, the drummer is by far the best person I know. Ive never known him to be an asshole. But everone is entiled to their opinion, and this is mine. Good luck to Phlux, I wish you all the best!!!
posted by Megan Fraser on Dec 15, 2003 12:10PM

Riiiiiiiiiight.....The knowledge of rookies...
posted by Tim - on Dec 15, 2003 01:07PM

Before everyone makes a fool of themselves. I should tell you that I have been a musician for 40 years and I have been a freelance talent scout for the past 20 years. I have worked with major record labels such as Geffen, Columbia, and Apple, to name a few. I came to Old Orchard beach to hear Phlux play because of all the accolades on you web site. I'm sorry, but I was not very impressed, and that is the plain truth. Maybe I will come see you again in a few years.
posted by Jeremy Crenshaw on Dec 15, 2003 02:47PM

I have to believe that if you were a talent scout for a major record label, your statement about Greg being "a big asshole" would not be something you would put anywhere for anyone to see or read. This has nothing to do with music, and is actually closer to slander or libel than anything else. A real talent scout working for ANY type of real company would never post this. You are welcome to your musical opinions, but you are not welcome to trashing a great friend of mine and a great person for no reason with no factual, objective basis whatsoever. Any further lies about Greg on this post will be deleted.
posted by Cody Phipps on Dec 15, 2003 04:53PM

Wow, I wish I had time to sit around and think, "Hmm, I wonder what negative thing I could do today to try and piss someone off?" Because that's what you're trying to do, right, piss off 7 fans, which in reality is only a small percentage of the actual Phlux fanbase? And you know this statistic for a fact because you've attended multiple Phlux shows to see just who is included in their following, am I correct in saying this?
And don't think those who respond to your post are pissed off. It's actually amusing to us to think about people like you who have nothing more 'constructive' to do with their time than try to piss people off by sharing their opinion on matters of which, enter your words, "you know absolutely nothing about".

First of all, you would have to know Greg a little more personally to call him an asshole, but if you think you can judge one's character after a single viewing of an Old Orchard Beach gig, then suit yourself. I've known Greg for over six years, and he definately doesn't fall into the 'asshole' catgeory.

Secondly, how do you know the origin of Phlux songs are on matters of which they know absolutely nothing about? You must know where they got the idea for every song to be able to make that sort of statement. Being a Phlux fan of over 6 years, I know that I still do not know the origination of many, if not most of their songs, which I don't feel is as important as finding meaning in the lyrics, regardless of where the idea behind the lyrics came from.

So, no Jeremy, you can't constructively critique this band as you don't know what constructive criticism means. You can absolutely share your opinion and see it as constructive criticiism if you want, but I think you might want to go back and look at what constructive criticicm entails.

posted by Beckie Seeley on Dec 15, 2003 05:33PM

Holy Shit everyone, get excited! This Jeremy Crenshaw guy might go see Phlux again in a couple years! Awesome!

Oh yeah, who again is Jeremy Crenshaw???

posted by Beckie Seeley on Dec 15, 2003 05:37PM

Boy, you guys are easy to piss off. Thanks,
you gave me something to do on a snowy day.
Cody, I know your brother is a lawyer, but I don't think anyone has ever been sued and lost for calling someone an asshole, but your welcome to try. Besides, I don't think Greg is an asshole, I was just being an asshole myself. Merry Christmas, this will be the last time I visit this site. Good luck with your careers. Caio
posted by Jeremy Crenshaw on Dec 15, 2003 06:49PM

being judgemental like that calling somebody a big asshole b4 you even get to know them i would put it as either immature or just plain dumb. everybody can get moody even you so the only problem i have at the moment is you being so judgemental.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Dec 15, 2003 09:24PM

Just a thought: Fetching coffee for real record people doesn't exactly qualify as working for a major label.
posted by Tim - on Dec 16, 2003 07:29AM

I am the first to say that I am not pissed at your remark. I strongly disagree with everything that was said in your post, but everyone is entitled to their own oppinion. I am one of the many fans I believe phlux has. I have been to many gigs since college and love the talent that all three of the guys have. As for you Jeremy the response on telling everyone to grow up is pathetic, since I believe you are the person that came into this website to post some as you would call "Constructive Criticism" just to stir emotion. I believe that you need to grow up. That is however only my oppinion though. I have a few ideas for you to past time on a snowy day.
1. Read the dictionary
The dictionary is very helpful for people who do not know the definition of the word they are using. I believe you meant to call your post Real Destructive Criticism.
2. Visit family or friends
3. Go skiing/snowmobiling
In other words don't let the weather slow you down. To all of the phlux fans out there I hope your hollidays are great.

To Phlux,
I believe you are all very tallented. Greg I think you are awesome. Cody and Clint you both are great singers. Well I have to jet.
Take Care everyone!!

posted by Latricia Saucier on Dec 17, 2003 03:40PM

posted by Morrisaurus -- on Jun 16, 2004 10:54PM

Hey, i think phlux kicks ass.
posted by chach rodriguez on Jul 13, 2004 08:15PM

posted by StU aRt on Jul 14, 2004 10:08AM

Chach thanks for the complement, and the jams the other night at the show. Rock!
posted by Cody Phipps on Jul 15, 2004 02:41PM