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january 24th show
yo phlux. my band n the ex lead singer corys goin up in january to see your show on the 24th. too bad i can't go wit the broken leg god damnit... anywayz, fayceless has ben pretty anxious to see you guys live, n are goin up to maine to watch, their names are cean reece, (aka daemonicous) cory thompson, (aka dawgbite4u2) jamie thomas, and cody standley. jacob will also be wit'em. after the show they'll introduce themselves. well just to let you know they're comin up soon. THEY'RE MISSIN XMAS JUST TO COME UP THERE TOO! lol. they say they want a good parking spot before a crowd comes...
posted by Cean Lakranski on Dec 06, 2003 08:09PM

I'll believe this when I see it
posted by StU aRt on Dec 10, 2003 09:31AM