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PHLUX lyrics
hey phlux, once again my curiosities gotten the best of me. i've got another question for phlux... i've heard a buncha your songs, they're all great. but i just wanna know, who usually writes the lyrics? do you all write them, or do only one of you usually write them? like my band, i write the lyrics, cause i've had the most experience out of all 4 of us (basicly, the one who's ben through the most shit) and i talk from that experience and the memories and such. do you write from experience, or just write what comes to mind?
posted by Cean Lakranski on Aug 07, 2003 09:46AM

To me, as an outside observer, it seems pretty much split evenly between Cody and Clint. If you look at the lyrics page you can check who wrote each song by looking at the copyright line.
posted by Zach Beane on Aug 07, 2003 10:10AM

Most of the time, Clint and I write songs independently. For me, each song is its own process, and every process is different. Inspiration can come from anything, really.
posted by Cody Phipps on Aug 07, 2003 11:59AM