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WhAt'S yOuR fAvOrItE sOnG?????
Hey Alright here's a task for all y'all......tell me which ONE, yes just ONE, you'll have to toss a coin and pick if needs be, i just want one song......That is your absolute favorite of OURS that we do! A good ol' PhLuX ORIGIONAL! And then here comes the very very difficult part....tell me why? Whatever personal meanings it happens to have for you, you like the tune, the lyrics whatever....Im just curious! Thank you for your time and effort with this difficult task, because i know we have soooooo many good ones, and that it'll be hard to choose! But hey, thats the task!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 23, 2000 04:58PM

Damn Stu I thought I was done with homework for the summer.

Okay well lemme speak for the millions...and millions...of Phlux phans out there for about a nanosecond. I love all of Phlux's songs because they all kick ass for different reason.

Okay now the Phlux Phans can speak for themselves.

I like "Instead" cos it gives me that attitude that I don't have to take the shit I get handed in life. I like "Scratch" because it gives me that attitude that no matter what is coming my way - I'm gonna be alright. I like "Not Yet" "Thank You" "Rarity" and "Screwdriver" because I hate my bitch too. And I love "Granite Street" because it's an after the fact kinda song - and it has a lot of lyrical meaning to me ("well I wanted to shout out loud..."). You name me any song they wrote - and I'll tell you how its my song. They all apply to my life and that's why I'm the self-appointed #1 Phlux Phan.

But none of those mentioned are my favorite.

My favorite is "Breathe". Here's why. On December 29, 1999 I lost the most important person in my life. My brother Joshua. He was more important to me than my life was (no I'm not one of these "my life sucks" kinda guys he just had that kind of power). He died of a rare blood disorder called Dessimated Intravascular Coagula. D.I.C. for short. I spent my whole life protecting him and showing him to be careful. We were almost one person. The last act of his all too short and precious life was to teach me (tho not intentionally) that I too have D.I.C. and ANY surgery could very well kill me. I went thru and am still going thru a period of trying to find myself because he was 1/2 of who I was and now that half is gone and it needs to be filled. And its the lyrics of this song that make it my favorite. "Saving grace, losing face don't know which way I should lean" that's how I felt when I got the news of his death. "Love and hate don't know which way I should feel today" thats me laying on my bed not wanting to go on but knowing I had his friends, our family and other concerned people to tell but wishing I could just take back what had happened. My fault - tho I didn't do anything - nor could I have stopped it. "Your gone away, your gone away, your gone away, it's all gone away" Feels like my life without him, that its all gone away. "I'll go and hide, going high to die" - I shouldn't have to explain this one.

And theres zillions of little phrases they sing in that song.
But I hope that Clint sees why I call that "my song" and why Cody knows its my favorite ever. And why Greg knows my peeps are important to me (I still got your back 'g'). I hope I didn't get any of the words wrong. I'm sorry for the down note.

I hope I completed my task Stu.

Chris "I ain't got no choice" Hancock

posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 24, 2000 04:32AM

I gotta say "Scratch"...
That's been my favorite Phlux song, ever since I heard Cody play part of it acoustic... I'd LOVE to hear you guys play that song acoustic, all together...
My other favorites are: Every Little Way, Thank You, and Water Fills...
Cody(if you read this)-- I'm figuring out how to play "Scratch", adn "Every Little Way"...
in "E.L.W" I got the
2-2-x---2 part, but what are
2-2-x---- the notes after
2-2-x---- that???

I can't figure those, out, but I think I got most of the rest of the song....

posted by Evan Ackley on Jun 26, 2000 11:21PM

My fave phlux song hasn't been written...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 29, 2000 05:02PM

Well,all phlux song's kick @$$,but my favorite this week would have to be Closer to The End...That's a sweet tune with some good harmony.My 2nd would have to be Breath.I think that Breath shows a new side of Phlux.It is a more warm sounding song,but still has Phlux's sharp edge to it.My third favorite is Screwdriver,just because that song get's me friggin' PUMPED!!!!!!
posted by Jeremy Hall on Jul 02, 2000 02:07PM

My favorite Phlux songs are Breathe and Alien Gleams. I like Breathe because of its smooth sound and the cutting drum beat. I like Alien Gleams because it was like the best song that Phlux played at the Valentines dance at MMHS 2 yrs. ago. And I have to mention I also like Thong. I thought that you guys pieced the record together nicely with definetly the best songs. I was upset that Granite Street wasn't on but hey that's o.k.
posted by Nick Smith on Jul 25, 2000 03:54PM

My favorite Phlux song is Undertow. I love that driving main theme, it just grabs me and doesn't let go until the end. I don't even know any of the words, but I love to listen to it as it goes through the different parts. Plus, if I've had enough to drink, I can't resist getting up and jumping around when you play it.

My runner-up favorite is Granite Street. I wish that was on the CD too, but oh gives me something to look forward to when the next CD comes out. :)

posted by Zach Beane on Jul 25, 2000 04:03PM

I like alien gleams, especially the opening drums because it makes you kind of expectant of a good song--which it is. Red has cool lyrics. Closer 2 the End has a very nice sound.
My fave part of the cd is the hidden track--cult classic maine.
You guys had better play granite street at Blueberry fest because I have never heard it and everyone likes it so much.
posted by Ever Curious on Jul 25, 2000 10:00PM

WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! WHATS UP MAINE PEEPS.....HOW Y'ALL DOIN UP THERE??!! IF Y'ALL WANNA MOSEY ALONG THE OL' CORAL I'D BE PROUD TO RUSSLE YA UP SOME PORK AND BEANS SO HITCH YER CRITTER TO THE MANTLE PIECE AND WE'LL BOIL UP SOME OF THOSE HONEYBROWN DELICACIES AND WE'LL SWOOSH EM DOWN WITH SOME GOOD OL'CHEAP SHAEFER BEER AND HAVE OURSELVES A REAL MAINE LOUAU!!!! I'd have to say...seen as I started this one and i figure i should put my piece in now...that my favorite phlux songs of all time, would have to be the one that cody wrote, and the one that clint wrote. thank you for your time and attention!! keep writin!
posted by StU aRt on Jul 26, 2000 10:49AM

Hmm, my favorite phlux tune is...well...all of them! right now, my favorite song is "Granite Street." Don't ask me why, because I don't really know, its just that song is so awesome! well, gots to go, talk to y'all laters...

my top 5 fave Phlux tunes:
5. Redneck Song
4. You Don't Smile
3. Red/Scratch (I know that they count as two, but I think they belong together)
2. Blue and Thank You (tied)
1. Granite Street

Thats all for now...hope to see y'all at the Blueberry Festival!

Laura W.

posted by Laura Woodman on Jul 26, 2000 05:37PM

My first reply wasn't really fair, although I'd argue that it did technically fit the question, its not fair to the rest of you because you obviously only know the songs that are out there either on some recording or being currently performed live.
So I'll make this real easy by only including the songs that are both played live AND recorded and sold and out there among the people who love the music, which, I might add, is definitely where it all should be...
So of the songs that fit into the category I've just set up, I'd have to say my favorite song as of today (note that it could change at any time) would have to be "Hole in the Ground".
Why? Because it has such a great groove, and I think I've seen more people dance to it and/or move to it unknowingly (that is, they don't even know they're doing it) than to any other song...
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 17, 2000 10:42PM

Hear Hear {clap clap clap}
posted by StU aRt on Oct 18, 2000 10:18AM

I just want to say that "Granite Street" is still my favorite Phlux song...but my all-time fave *has* to be "Thank You" because I actually know a lot of the lyrics to it. :)
posted by Laura Woodman on Oct 18, 2000 10:11PM

I would have to say my favorite song is "Alien Gleams", cause it makes me go wild. Pleas play it at the next gig. I like to go wild. hahahah I also love "Thank you", probably because I know all the lyrics. So Thank you.
posted by Patricia Saucier on Oct 22, 2000 11:21AM

I'd just like to say thanx to all the fans and friends for responding to this one - its great to know what songs you all like! Keep telling us!
posted by Cody Phipps on Dec 09, 2000 11:12PM

My favorite Phlux songs are the ones they play on their acoustics in their living room at night. Or in the morning. Whenever.
From the album I really like Blue.
posted by Piper -- on Dec 17, 2000 09:33PM

"Crooked Man," for many reasons the finest piece in the entire PHLUX oeurve (to date).
posted by Bert Phipps on Dec 21, 2000 04:59PM

It seems to me that a lot of fans have been asking for and really digging that new song Clint wrote - entitled "Oblivion". I must agree with these people - this is a fine piece of writing, and its fun to play on top of that!
posted by Cody Phipps on Jan 16, 2001 08:58PM

My two favorite phlux songs of all time is Breathe and Red Neck. I just love the lyrics. I think the lyrics speak for themself. "Alien Gleams would have to be next. I love the intro to that song. You guys kick ass. I will see you all hopefully at the next show. Take care. Peace.....
posted by Latricia Saucier on Jan 26, 2001 04:13PM

Alien Gleam first thing in the morning while on the MBTA with a little Starbuck's...makes for the perfect ride to work!
posted by Cat Bartash on Jan 31, 2001 04:11PM

I really like Alien Gleam and Breathe. They were the first Phlux songs I heard and remind me of my frist Phlux encounter. They also make me think of my cousin Jeremy, a great guitarist/bassist who went to the concert with me. We had an awesome time and I miss him so much! We both loved the Redneck song
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Aug 17, 2001 10:41PM

Its really groovy to hear from you all and know what songs you like the most. Keep this string going people~!
posted by Cody Phipps on Aug 29, 2001 02:47AM

I may have changed favorites, since my last posting. I think it has got to be Clint's song Valhalla it is just a great tune and a great story as well. Really brings you back to the good ol' days of riding around on horses and getting into some serious legendary wars with horses and warmongers and all.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jan 22, 2003 05:17PM

"You Don't Smile" has my favorite lyrics, but I have never heard it. I would like to. Any info on when it might be on cd or anything?
posted by Amanda Fickett on Jan 25, 2003 06:00PM

Amanda, there will be info very soon regarding the answer to your question...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 17, 2003 04:50PM

My fave might be Intake...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 24, 2003 11:48AM

Am I the only one who's heard Valhalla? That has to be my favorite one you guys do. That and Blue. That isn't saying anything else you guys do is bad, keep it up!
posted by Josh King on Jul 20, 2003 09:32PM

Valhalla is a very cool song. I remember the first time I heard it, in October 2000. It was after a party or something and Clint broke out the acoustic and played it by himself, and I thought it kicked ass. I really like how it got arranged for the full band too, with the nice touches like the little march bit on the snare.
posted by Zach Beane on Jul 21, 2003 10:40AM