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Ok not to be an ass, but looking at the Phluxtstock2000 Press Release the drummer for The Barefoot Servants wasnt Noel Brennan. I'm not to sure who did, but it wasnt Noel. I just didnt want his damm good playing to be given to somebody else.
posted by Paul Baker on Jun 22, 2000 05:43PM

OK. Thanks Paul. We'll definitely look into it and get it right.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 22, 2000 08:23PM

Hey I finally found out who the guy was!! It was Jason Greene.
posted by Paul Baker on Jul 04, 2000 02:12PM

actually I found that out about the week after P2k and told Zach.
posted by Chris Hancock on Jul 04, 2000 02:48PM

ok thats cool, just makin sure you knew.
posted by Paul Baker on Jul 04, 2000 10:11PM

Thanx for finding that out, guys...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jul 10, 2000 05:18PM

Thanks A LOT Paul, for postin that message. The reason that it got mixed up, was not Phlux's fault though. Actually, hehe, it was Chris Silverthorne's fault for not sending my name to Phlux. The Phipps crew just assumed that the barefoot servants had the same drummer as they had the last time they performed, which was a fair assumption considering that we didnt tell them otherwise. Even though it was an honest mistake, i still felt bad for someone else gettin all the credit. OH WELL. But thank you very much Paul for the compliment. I appreciate it very much.
posted by -- on Oct 16, 2000 10:36AM

OK Jason, now that you're here and hear(ing) this, I'd like to apologize for the false assumption that we made. Although Chris should have sent me the names on time (like every other band), I still should not have assumed that it was the drummer from the last performance.
And, by the way, you're one hell of a drummer and you did a great job! I hope you accept our apology...
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 17, 2000 01:52PM

Of course i accept your apology Cody. I mean it wasnt youre fault at all. After all, Chris didn't send you the names. I would have assumed the same thing. You guys did one hell of a job organizing Phluxstock. Most people would have made a whole shitload of mistakes tryin to organize something that big. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for giving me some great opputunites to play!
posted by -- on Oct 17, 2000 03:00PM

Thank you Jason, and you're definitely welcome for the playing opportunities. From one musician to another, the Music is what its all about...
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 17, 2000 03:26PM