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hey guys! man, your song "thank you" is totally fucken awesome! first time i ever read the lyrics n heard it man, i was like "man, that reminds me of alotta things".
-when i write lyrics, i wanna be able to relate to people, n your lyrics n the song itself prolly relates to me more than any of your others. man, i jes wanna thank you guys for maken the song man, the song's fucken awesome!
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jul 01, 2003 04:46PM

Thanks man! That song is on our last album, so if you want to hear the entire song, pick it up!
posted by Cody Phipps on Jul 02, 2003 11:23AM

WILL DO! i'll run out n get it when i get the time. i've ben so buisy at the volunteer service n construction man, i've ben supabuisy with my band too. we're tryen to get in 10 more minutes till we got a half hour to open up for lolipoplustkill (from ma hometown, toledo). about the only toledo band that made it big. so yeah we might be opening up for them! that's sweet. but yeah, i gotta get goin n i'll pick up the cd.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jul 02, 2003 03:05PM

i picked up the album with a couple others. i got your guys' latest, i got weird al's latest, i got a couple other things like slayers 1st (which is sad to say, bein a big slayer fan, i never had until now), and i got one of slipknot's underground albums. i'ma make a mix of a buncha shiznit from all of this.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jul 14, 2003 05:44PM

Just out of curiosity, where'd you pick up the latest Phlux CD? It's kinda hard to get outside of the greater Portland area...but definitely worth looking for!
posted by Zach Beane on Jul 14, 2003 06:42PM

my friend that lives there sent me a copy. no way in hell am i driven all the way up there and getten it, lol (no offense if any taken). yeah, he sent me a copy in the mail with a couple other cds. and dude it rocks.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jul 17, 2003 04:54PM

and btw, my friend jacob that lives there is a phlux fan, that's mainly how i got the cd. i dunno if he's ever ben to any of your shows or if you ever met him, but yeah, he's a phlux fan, i dunno if he even knows about your website, lol.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jul 17, 2003 04:56PM

What's his email?
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 25, 2003 02:37PM

we share the same email address, really. me, cory, cean (the real cean), scott, and jacob... and it's
if you wanna email him, label the email with his name on it, that way he won't delete it.
posted by Cean Lakranski on Oct 02, 2003 05:55PM

hye, and i'm curious... when/if are you gonna come out with a cd? or aren't you working on that right at the moment? next time i go to maine (probably sometime on spring break) i'm gonna pick it up, so i can make my "best of phlux" mix, lol. well anyways, i'd like to know, so i don't make the mix just right after you come out with a brand new cd...
posted by Cean Lakranski on Oct 02, 2003 06:00PM

We already have a CD. We are working on a new one.
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 06, 2003 02:31PM

i know about your first one... i was just wondering when/if you're coming out with a new one... but thx for letting me know
posted by Cean Lakranski on Oct 06, 2003 03:56PM