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school's out! now what?
Now that school's out for most peeps so far, what's next? graduation from highschool or college? or jsut moving on to a new year of yet, more schooling... what are you going to do all summer long? are you gonna sleep in, work, or hang wit ya friends? or are you gonna pursue an actual career?
since school's out, what are you gonna do? me, i'm just becoming a sophemore in highscool, so i don't have to worry much, just keep my job, and hide the weed. (jp). what you gonna do all summer?
posted by Cean Lakranski on Jun 05, 2003 11:07AM

play some shows and enjoy the sun man. But mainly i am going to have fun in the sun.
posted by Ron Small on Jun 05, 2003 03:50PM