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Why haven't Phlux "made it big" yet?
I think it seems clear that Phlux are making a success of their music. Gigs, recordings, a loyal following...they have achieved a lot so far. So why haven't they secured a lucrative recording contract and gone on to fame and fortune? Is something holding them back, or do they have a different goal in mind?
posted by Matthew St.John on Apr 17, 2003 07:42PM

you make it sound so simple
posted by James Greene on Apr 20, 2003 11:11PM

Perhaps it's more difficult than I first thought. Why don't you explain it to me so I can understand?

To re-state the question in a different way, is there something that Phlux could be doing differently? Is there something that they aren't doing that they should be doing?

More importantly, if they keep doing what they're doing now, will this result in fame and fortune or not?

posted by Matthew St.John on Apr 21, 2003 04:59AM

As stated in Phlux's biography page.."Perhaps one day if things get desperate, we'll get ourselves a record company and be one of those so called "recording artists" we all hear so much about on MTV and the Radio." If my memory serves me correctly, Phlux was offered a deal with a company in the 1990's but turned it down. Phlux is striving for "Music beyond the pervasive reach of corporate influence, free of artistic corruption inherently caused by contractual and monetary influences of the music industry." What Phlux is doing is good. They are spreading their sound and their message. These guys will always be around, whether it is in the bigtime or not. It doesn't matter anyhow. They are doing what they love to do. So I think I can sum it up by saying Phlux isn't necessarily looking for the big fame and fortune, we all know that that can bring its fair share of shit and misfortune. Phlux: Please correct me if I am wrong. I am just saying what I think. :p Keep Rockin!
posted by Nick Smith on Apr 21, 2003 08:55PM

Amen Brothah Nick ;-)
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 21, 2003 10:52PM

I've just visited the bio page, and I can agree with everything said so far.

So it seems we are saying that Phlux "have a different goal in mind".

In the UK, we have an extremely vibrant 'Indy' (independent record label) scene. Indy music is very niche, and in many cases very different. Funnily enough, the indy scene seems to produce about 5-10 top 10 hits per year!!! You can sign with an indy label without 'selling out', and you can produce whatever you want, since they aren't out for maximum money ( = lowest common denominator = MTV).

Isn't the most important thing getting your music heard? When you write a song, do you think about the misunderstood teenager to whom that song seems to speak directly? Do you consider people you've never met who find that your song helps them, even if it just lifts their day, putting a tune to their lips and a smile on their face?

These people won't hear the music if you don't achieve some form of mass distrubution, i.e. some form of recording contract.

More importantly, without some form of record company interest, most bands can't afford to play full-time. Wouldn't we all rather have more Phlux?

posted by Matthew St.John on Apr 22, 2003 04:15AM

In "Esquire: The Rules, a man's guide to life," hot off the press (2003 by the Hearst Corporation), Rule # 466 states that "The lower you wear your bass guitar, the cooler you are." So let it out another notch or two, Clint, and the band may be on it's way to making it big.

However, Rule # 203 in this same tome states that "The best looking musician is always the lead singer, followed in descending order by the lead guitarist, the rhythm guitarist, the drummer, and the bass player." Applying this rule, in order to make it big you may have to reconfigure the band by adding personnel, or maybe changing instruments, according to perceived needs. Maybe you could conduct a survey of PHLUX fans, or run a contest, to see who should play bass....

posted by sam aritan on Oct 20, 2003 09:10AM

Obveously, if their music career doesn't work out, they can always fall back on their previous careers as porn stars. I've heard the fringe benifits are great! (keep on rockin!)
posted by Tim - on Nov 14, 2003 08:31AM

You know sam, too many rules make life boring and constricted, and ya know tim, too much porn makes ya, ah, tired!!
Too much music? Well, that, my friends, if it exists at all, just makes you cooler, stronger, younger, and more of a rockstar!

Rock Forever!

posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 06, 2006 06:15PM

Well said, Cody!
posted by Latricia Saucier on Sep 24, 2006 06:50PM