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Bombs over Baghdad
Checkit. Someone took a few pics in Iraq while there in 2001. I thought they were kinda interesting 'cause it always helps to visualize these far away places that we're talking so much about. There's a pretty in-depth site, including several sets of photos, a report, and links, if you click around a bit. Keep in mind, it's definitely accompanied by a well formed (and somewhat one sided) point of view. Go here:

posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 21, 2003 02:43PM

I've got an idea for this set of posts. How about a sort of "found art html link internet collage"? It might be cool to post links here to all kinds of Iraq-associated sites, pics, articles and the such, both pro- and anti-. So if you randomly, or intentionally come across a cool or interesting link, post it here. Or if you've got a thought or quote you want to post, that's cool too.
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 21, 2003 02:54PM
posted by -- on Apr 04, 2003 04:31PM