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Man, what a great show. I'm still recovering. Congrats to all the bands who participated. And of course, a big thanks to Phlux and the phluxstock crew who put together a great event.

I think my favorite moment was when when Chris Silverthorne launched into the Star Spangled Banner...gave me chills.

posted by Zach Beane on Jun 18, 2000 02:32PM

I must agree that it was a great show. I was upset by the whole thing with Asphalt, but other then that it was a lot of fun. Static did great and I bet they're really happy that they won. Congrats any Static members checking this out! I was suprised to see that Zac from Constructive Interference didn't show up to pass on the trophy. He told me he was going to but maybe he had to work. Anyway, great show, Phlux!
posted by Kat Conway on Jul 02, 2000 05:06PM

I just want to let you guys know that playing at the past and only 2 Phluxstocks has been great. We are looking forward to plaing at Phluxstock 2001: A Rock Odessey. Thanks guys.
posted by Nick Smith on Nov 10, 2000 04:07PM