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Cody here. I've decided to keep a running journal of a good number of shows for people who are interested in what goes on for the band before, after, and during our performances.
posted by Cody Phipps on Feb 15, 2003 01:26PM

2/14/03, GOLDMINE SHOW, 10PM

So here's the first of a series, about our show last night at the Goldmine...

We had planned on getting to the club at 7pm for S&S (setup and soundcheck), but Stu called from his work saying he'd gotten out late, which meant he'd be an hour late.

Clint and I decided to arrive at the venue at 7:30pm, thinking Stu'd be there at that time. But we managed to get the whole van unloaded onto the sidewalk before Greg showed up. Finally he showed and we began lugging stuff into the venue. A guy from Machias, last name Hatt, who had graduated from HS in '81 helped us haul stuff in - thank Mr. Hatt! It was a welcomed relief. We had everything in by about 8:15PM.

It was a cold bastard out there that night, about -5 degrees, not counting windchill. I sat on the equip while clinto parked the van, which took about 10 min.

Finally we started setting up, and at around 9:30, thought we were ready for a soundcheck, when it was pointed out that half our full range speakers weren't working... A quick diagnostic found it was a bad cable somewhere in the line. We found it, and went for a check. Within minutes we had a good sound and were ready to go. We started about 7 min. late as a result of the glitch.

The night was set up into 3 45 minute sets, the majority being filled by originals, but since it was Valentine's Day, we pulled out some covers that we felt related to love in genuine and/or humorous ways.

Within the first set, I broke a low E on my Dean, and a few tunes later, a Low E on my strat... I broke 3 strings in the whole night, and clint broke a low E bass string in the final set, with only 2 songs to go. Anomolies... The broken strings kept me pretty busy between sets, which made me wish that I had more time to spend talking to friends, but sometimes, you gotta work right through your breaks, and I guess dem's da brakes...

THANKS TO Christine and Darrel, the owners, for the use of the venue...

The night was a great time, lots of people went to the show, thanks to everyone for coming, and braving the sub-zero temps... Happy V-day to all - That's life in the Maine Tundra...

Rock on.

posted by Cody Phipps on Feb 15, 2003 01:28PM

3/7/03 Eagles Club Concert

Wow! This was a great time! We had a good number of non-club-member fans come from all directions to see us play here. 20 extra people were able to be signed in! Thanx to everyone that made the trip - it means a lot. The load in, setup, and tear down time was much reduced thanx to the help of Jotchity J-dog Josh, Addie Addence Paddence, Bethy Beth, and Beckie-Boo - you guys rule!

A big thanx to Jason Gormley for bringin' his crew, and also sharing the stage with us for his rockin' version of the Georgia Satellites' tune, and Red House. The crowd loved it Jason!

I'd have to say my personal favorite tune of the night was our funked out version of Water Fills. Horsemen, Prelude, and Every Little Way all rocked too! I had fun using Dave Thibodeau's custom built Bass Fuzz Pedal that night. It rips it up for sure.

Thanx to everyone who picked up the CD, we hope you all enjoy it, and thanx to all the dancers and others that made the night so memorable. Jon, Darrel, Mike, Steve Zach, Shanna, Jason, and the rest, you made it a great time! Beckie, Addie, Beth, Lucia, and Josh, thanks for the place to crash and the yoga-ball party after the show! Rock.

See y'all at our next show!

posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 09, 2003 06:47AM

P.S. Beck got some pix of the show,they will be up relatively soon!
posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 09, 2003 06:53AM


We had a great time because all of you who came out had a good time!

We had 2 special guests, Jason Gormley, and Tim Sheppard. Jason played a Georgia Satellites cover, and Tim played bass on a filter tune.

I bought a new pedal, the boss ME-50, and played it for the first time tonight. It was a groovy pedal, lots of very useable features.

Greg fell off his drum stool on one song (just kidding). We really had a great time playing some jams, particularly the improv parts.

Lots of requests for phlux tunes, and a few covers as well.

We're getting called back again, so look for new dates at the goldmine coming soon...

Thank you all for coming, it means so much.

Thanks to the crew for the load out help, you know who you are...

posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 22, 2003 04:11AM

4/11 at HFC.

All agers unite! This show rocked because the kids in Washington County need live shows in their area. I am glad so many attended. We had a good time, and thank Tim for the space and the opening band Poop Chickens for warmin' up the crowd.

I used the slide a few times during the show, which was a fun departure (rarely do I do that). Clint and Stu got to solo over 3/4 time, which is also rare; it was an evening of rarities, even though we didn't perform the PHLUX tune RARITY...

posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 14, 2003 10:45AM

4/12/03 at AJs B&G

Machias was set aflame in a house of rock, because the people there rocked, and that let us rock even more! The crowd received the funk that we threw, and we really "tore the roof off the sucker"

Lots of compliments after the show, lots of people who stayed for the whole thing. It was a good time!

We played lots of requests, covers and PHLUX tunes... Also some extended jams and unusual tempos throughout the night.

The dancing was where it was at...

posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 14, 2003 10:49AM

April 18, 2003 Eagles.
This one was fun. We clocked in the fastest land speed record for setup and teardown ever. Thanks to Rob, John, Gormley, Beckie, Tegan and crew, we could be in the Guiness Book of World Records!

Lots of fun tunes and a great crowd of dancers. Good times.

posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 20, 2003 11:26PM

Last week's 3 shows in a row were kind of a blur for me, because we did so much in such a small amount of time. I think that thurs. night at the Alehouse, our originals came out great. Particularly Granite St.

Both Thurs. and Fri. nights were shows in new venues for us. We had a great time at each, but both shows took a while for us to get aclimated to the new environments. By 1130pm, on friday night, we had a good handle on the room, and the people were lovin' the show. Got a lot of new fans and folks on the mailing list, which rocks. We had a smokin' cover of Tool, and Metallica, and then finished the night with 6 originals in a row. Everyone was getting down. IT RULED.

Saturday night was our best show, because we've played the Gold Mine many times, and all our friends were there, and we did all original songs. It was a good time, from start to finish. Rock and roll prevailed.

posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 04, 2003 06:44PM

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