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This truly is food for thought...
How do enhance the listening epxperience of a hard of hearing person? (Interesting note: very rarely is a person 100% deaf. That means some sound is experienced.) Mr. Holland used spectacular lights to accompany his concerts. Damn good speakers help. An echo-less environment also helps.
I remember the first time I really looked at my husband, he was lying on the Mall in DC, completely absorbing the vibration of the band that was playing way too loudly for most. Most of us miss the vibrations of music I think. Since knowing him I have felt music more. Try it sometime. Try to ignore the sound and experience the vibration.
posted by Ever Curious on Jun 13, 2000 05:32PM

Many people go more for the vibrations of music than the pitches and melodies. Take tone-deaf people for example (people who cannot sing in tune and cannot hear the beauty of melodies); they are all about the vibrations of music. People who are especially fond of drums are also deep believers in the vibrations of music. Also, any real rap lover with a car stereo built to kick the llama's ass is a vibration aficionado.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 14, 2000 11:58AM

I LOVE VIBRATIONS......GOOD GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS!!!! One of the main reasons i like rap is because of the beats and the fact that my car stereo thumps em right into my back! In fact until thats litterally all you can hear...i like to turn the bass waaaaay up just so's i can feel my music too...thats half the fun!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 14, 2000 04:24PM