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Robyn's Party (check this if you attended)
Anybody from Kittery who saw us play checking out If you're here you should write back about what you thought of the show...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 12, 2000 06:48PM

Hey all ma' sista's peeps,
I wanted to say "Thank you" to you all who came and attended my sisters party. It was great to play for y'all and you were all a good audience. I've been wanting alot of you to see us and I was thrilled to see a bunch of you there. I hope you enjoyed the music we played for ya, and I hope you may have enjoyed some of our origionals too. Perhaps if we're lucky we'll see some of your faces again at Phluxstock 2K or perhaps even farther down the road! Again thank you for listening, and always remember: "The advantages of purple sticky punch are endless..."
Rock On!!!!!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 13, 2000 12:40PM