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I was wondering what the chorus to "Thong" was because I'm hearing weird lyrics and I'm not sure they are correct.


How do the lyrics on the end of Instead go they start with like "Every day is something that I've gotta change but I'm still here everything is the same I don't wanna abuse I'm the one to blame and it's high time for no pain" is that close?

posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 12, 2000 12:30AM

Instead: "Every day it's that i've gotta change, but im still here everything is the same, you know i wanna accuse, but im the one to blame. And its high time for low brain." As for thong even im a little hazy on the words. Yeah yeah yeah give me shit about it...but what do you really expect ME to hear when i have too many cymbals going off left and right! Oh i mean I hear the music and i know where i am in the song most of the time, but as for the words...hah hah hah hah! Yeah right. I gotta read them!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 14, 2000 08:47AM

Thx Stu! :)
But what the hell does "high time for low brain" mean anyway?
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 14, 2000 10:33AM

This is just my interpretation, but i think it means that things are all phucked up so its time to just drink and forget.
posted by StU aRt on Jun 14, 2000 04:09PM

Ok Stu I got one for ya since neither of us knew I think I learned the Thong lyrics.

oh that dress looks so scandalous
you know another *guy* couldn't handle it...

oh wait...wrong "Song" about "Thong"s.

Ok for real now.

So end it
I can't mend it
I can't bend shit
To fake(make) a love song
So ...wrong
For so long
I can't go on
The shoe won't fit cos it's a thong

can anyone back me up on these lyrics?

posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 25, 2000 02:55AM

I dont know if its "blend" or "bend" but its "make a love song." I just kinda toss blend and bend back and forth when I sing it. Incidently this is one of my all time favorite phlux ditties! I love that tune! As for the rest of the chorus I believe you've pretty much got it! Good luck!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 26, 2000 01:36PM

You'll find out soon enough...
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 18, 2000 10:26PM

posted by Chris Hancock on Oct 18, 2000 11:15PM

Yeah, just keep it up...
posted by StU aRt on Oct 19, 2000 08:40AM