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Just wondering if you guys are planning on running another phluxstock for summer of 2003, Maybe at another location if they wont let you do it in the art center, Perhaps outside? People around here could use a phluxstock, I played in the Second opening band for you last spring at Harrington Fitness center. The band that closed with "Rockin in the Free world" We would definatly be glad to play with you at another phluxstock if it ever happens. People around here need some more rock, they are all listening to there rap and its hard to get a good concert...

phluxstock could be radical

posted by James Greene on Sep 11, 2002 09:53PM

Good question James. I am curious too.
posted by -- on Mar 06, 2003 12:04AM

Got any specific suggestions on venues?
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 06, 2003 12:04PM

What about the parish where the Here From There Show was held ?
posted by Chris Hancock on Mar 06, 2003 01:40PM

Not a bad suggestion.....any other ideas out there to consider?
posted by StU aRt on Mar 07, 2003 09:30AM

Outside at UMM like Llamapalooza 98? Portside? Perhaps some willing liqour establishment closed to a private party. Underage kids are allowed in bars under those circumstances but obviously they can't drink.
posted by Chris Hancock on Mar 07, 2003 12:00PM

AJ's in Machias? Good sized venue, big parking lot, downtown....

posted by sam aritan on Mar 07, 2003 01:45PM

You know those of us out on the west coast are deprived of Phlux so if possible could you please come out out west
posted by Ron Small on Mar 07, 2003 03:51PM

Somewhere outside would definatly be cool,,,, in a large field or something
posted by James Greene on Mar 07, 2003 11:30PM

Definitely not AJ's. The people that run the place are fucking ASSHOLES.
posted by Jon Look on Mar 08, 2003 02:39PM

there is a field in Addison that would be a pretty cool location to have it, for those of you that live in the area: Its on the "Old Addison Road", its quite large and the road is unpaved. The location is great because its mostly surrounded by trees, yet its not "in the middle of no where". Its only about a mile off Route one and about 4 miles from Narraguagus high school. A few simple signs could easily show the way for Phluxstock fans.
posted by James Greene on Mar 16, 2003 10:59PM

Who's field?
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 18, 2003 02:28PM

Well, as of today and this war business, maybe we could play the show in Potter's Field...
posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 18, 2003 02:46PM

But if we played in a burning oil field we wouldn't need stage light or pyrotechnics...
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 18, 2003 02:47PM

Yeah...I can't get a couple bands to play at a new PHLUXSTOCK! It sounds like a great idea cuz the Downeast definately needs more aural assaults and inspiration!
posted by Boot Leg on Apr 02, 2003 04:31PM

I CAN!!! I can get a couple of bands...BOOTLEG and PoopChickens!
posted by Boot Leg on Apr 02, 2003 04:32PM

Hey guys -- you've gotta let me know if you find a where and when. I'd love to see another Phluxstock.
posted by Mia Silverthorne on Apr 02, 2003 05:24PM