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YAY....or NAY
Alright folks...i have a feeling i know what the guys are all gonna say. But here goes anyways:
"Casual Sex" YAY....or NAY??!! And then...this is where it gets tough now, "Why?"
posted by StU aRt on Jun 09, 2000 11:21AM

Well Greg you were so nice as to answer my question about the Itchy & Scratchy game so here are your answers and in the order you asked for them.

Why ask why?

posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 11, 2000 09:48PM

with another person or alone?
posted by Donovan Young on Jun 21, 2000 02:21PM

Yes of course with another person...male or female, thats your choice...dont tell me. Not by one's self with mr. righty or lefty....which ever way you swing. Nope just casual and at least one other of course! And of age...none of this child rape bullshit!!!!! That's most certainly out of the question and not acceptable!
posted by StU aRt on Jun 22, 2000 09:57AM

Casual sex, hmmm...In a way it is ok, I mean, I can do it...that is until its all over with, then I feel like shit, but hey thats me, not cause I did it, but because I have no feeling behind it and I know the other person that I am currently with does. But no, its not right, but how many people out there do it compared to those who dont? We ALL do things that we shouldnt and sex (premarital, casual, or whatever) just happens to be one of em. So, if your careful, and dont get your (damn) heart involved, then yeah, it's ok. (I guess) : )
posted by Zynda Rae on Jun 22, 2000 03:49PM

Nay. Casual sex has serious consequences.
(And may I just say that married lovin' has surpassed anything else I've experienced.)
posted by Ever Curious on Jun 22, 2000 10:05PM

I have to agree on a lot of what was said. Married lovin' does surpass anything else. It is in a league of it's own. BUT now that me and the psycho bitch from hell ...lets call her ...Shauna ...and I are divorcing the sex makes me feel so dirty.
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 23, 2000 10:21PM

I completely with someone whom you truly care deeply for whether it be your spouse or your boy/girlfriend, is always much better! There's feeling involved with the sex, not just the it's like you get two for the price of one...and who passes up that deal, y'know? But at the same time casual sex, so long as your not gonna lead anyone on, or cheat on someone can be a thrilling experience, and hey....everyone likes sex right?
posted by StU aRt on Jun 26, 2000 02:01PM

Stu you forgot animals. And if animals are okay - do stuffed animals count? And then if stuffed animals count do beanie babies count? And then if your going to allow beanie babies I would say that cutting a hole in your mattress would seem to be A LOT easier.
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 29, 2000 03:54AM

Chris.....what the fu.....ANIMALS????????? Where did you come up with animals and stuffed animals and beanie babies...what the hell?? A HOLE IN YOUR MATTRESS??????? Are you ok man?
posted by StU aRt on Jun 29, 2000 11:52AM

I like the place that I'm going
Cos I know that it's down
Headed for a hole in da mattress
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 29, 2000 01:55PM response to the question at hand, I'd say it really depends on how well you know the person, but if it is a one-night stand with a total stranger, then definitely NAY!!

posted by Laura Woodman on Aug 18, 2000 04:43PM

I would have to say yay, depending on whom I am with. If it is with someone I know well and like and he likes me then probably yay. I would definetly not want to lead anyone on or be led on. If that made any sence. Both people would have to set down the guidelines as to what this would mean, as to what they were both feeling first, because it is totally uncool to mess with someones heart.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Sep 17, 2000 03:13PM

I am replying again to the question at hand. I agree that sex with someone you love is so much better, it is a great feeling. However, it sucks when the relationship does not last, because your heart is broken into pieces and leaves you feeling dead. It is still a definite yay, but as long as no ones heart gets totalled in the process, and is difficult to keep from happening.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Oct 30, 2000 11:09AM

I would say that casual sex has its benefits and its downsides. If you're horny and can get it from a person, GO FOR IT!!! As long as they have no disease(s) that will fuck you up. But if you are with a person who you love, you should remain faithful to them because nothing feels better than love.
posted by Duncan George Carter on Jul 05, 2001 10:56PM