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Okay, time for a new poll
Places- Where is the coolest place you have been? If you don't think you been anywhere cool, where do you want to go someday? Why is this place interesting?

Sorry, I'm just really bored in my AP English class and I was day dreaming about my trip to Europe last summer...

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 22, 2002 12:51PM

The most exotic I have been is the Amazon rainforest. The people there were unlike any other I have seen. They still lived in the Stone Age! That was cool. We helped some people build a house--it involved stomping aorund in a big mud hole and then applying big gobs to a framework of sticks lashed together.
The most romantic was Paris. I got a tattoo when I was there and I got a big hangover, too.
The best place I have ever been is Maine. It's clean, it's good. You get lots of space and privacy and a lot of natural beauty.
posted by Ever Curious on Apr 22, 2002 04:44PM

Big Sur in California. I would sell my balls if I had a house there.
posted by Josey Cary on Apr 22, 2002 11:43PM

Definitely Maui. I went biking down a volcano, surfing, snorkling, cliff diving and body surfing in the rain forest. It was the most amazing place.
posted by Cat Bartash on Apr 23, 2002 09:34AM

Both balls man??? Not just one??? I think itd be so much wiser to just sell one! I mean geez, sure the rest of the world may be frightened of it, but dont YOU want a lil Josey runnin around some day!!??
posted by StU aRt on Apr 23, 2002 09:49AM

Dude, I gotta wonder... who would buy something like that?
posted by Clint Phipps on Apr 23, 2002 11:41AM

Black Market dude, black can get anything on the black market! Where is the black market anyways?
posted by StU aRt on Apr 24, 2002 09:02AM

Isn't that right down on market street? Somewhere between Starbucks and Osama's Gun Hut...
posted by Clint Phipps on Apr 24, 2002 11:05AM

The Sahara. Its Warm there.
The Scarab beatles tickle when they eat your rotting flesh. Scorpions are our friends.
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 25, 2002 12:26PM

I'd have to say London. I went to Abbey Road and did the picture on the crosswalk. It was me and these three guys and I got to be Paul...Only, one guy ran off because there were a billion cars coming and they don't stop. Plus, they're on the wrong side of the road. At least me and the other two guys were in step.
Also, we did the Sex Pistols photo shoot in the phone booth. This is great because it was me adn the same three guys in the British phone booth. When we jumped out we realized that all the phone booths in England have like newspapers and magazines covering the walls. Ours was a porn booth. I kid you not. If you look in the back of the picture, not onlydo you see three very uncomfortable people, but porn as well...
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 25, 2002 12:32PM

We don't believe you. You should post the porn booth picture.
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 25, 2002 12:38PM

I will SuperCode, I will. Only it'll be hard to see it online. Maybe I should mail you a
No, really, I'll try to scan it.
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 25, 2002 12:40PM

Cool. We will wait in suspense...
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 25, 2002 12:40PM

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 25, 2002 12:43PM

What do you say to that?
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 25, 2002 12:44PM

I have no idea. But anything might sound cool.
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 25, 2002 12:46PM

Oh, another cool place is Innsbruck, Austria. Me and this girl and two guys were walking around near a park one night and they have concrete ping pong tables. Those rock. There were a couple guys there our age (about 19 anyway) and we hung out with them for a bit (after acting completely stupid and then finding out they spoke English). They were really interesting and seem to think everyone in American has an "Alc Problem" (drinking problem)...they offered to take us to Shrek.
Renee, you rock! Whever you are dude...
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 25, 2002 12:49PM

Las Vegas. The over materialistic culture is so overwhelming, that it's absolutely amazing. It is literally a visual fuck in the best way. From the moment you step off the plane you are bombarded by visual stimulation in such an agressive way that it's impossible to concentrate. They have the best clubs i have ever been to, where men dress GQ and women are knockouts. The spa, where you actually feel like you are in some grecian palace, soaking in your choice of tempature controlled pools of water. The amusement, service, and wonder of vegas is incomparable. It's a grownups disneyland. Carry your beer down the strip- no-one cares, smoke everywhere you want, stay awake drinking and dancing until 7am, it's allll good.
posted by lupa -- on May 06, 2002 12:34AM

Sex and drugs and rock and roll... it's very good indeed.
posted by Clint Phipps on May 06, 2002 09:34PM

After my most recent visit, I would venture to say that Vegas is a lot more about dancing, drinking, and sun than sex, drugs and rock and roll - but perhaps we visited different parts of the city.
posted by lupa -- on May 27, 2002 08:41PM

Clint must've been in the French Quarter...
posted by Cody Phipps on May 29, 2002 10:33AM

maybe just North Vegas
posted by lupa -- on May 29, 2002 11:24AM

I haven't been anywhere cool. But here's where I want to go...Florida, Bahamas, Tahiti, Australia, Great Britain, and Paris, France. (In no particular order) I totally want to see the world. Mainly I just want to go somewhere warm. :) I'm sick of Maine!


posted by Laura Woodman on Jun 04, 2002 06:32PM

The coolest place i have ever been would have to the EMP up here in seattle it was fucking awesome especially the hendrix stuff.
posted by Ron Small on Jan 09, 2003 11:39AM

i just got back from london, and it's so awesome there. i love it there and can't wait to go back. I SAT ON JIMI HENDRIX'S COUCH! And held some majorly impressive guitars. :-)

The EMP is cool. Mum took pics of it for me, since I missed that trip. I was in London at the time...

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Jan 10, 2003 08:11AM

Jessica, WHERE do you get the money to go to all these places?! Wow, I have a hard enough time just getting the time/money to go to Florida every few years. My most favorite place in the world (of the very limited places I have experienced) has been Schoodic Lake on Saturday nights...hahaha...probably a lot of you don't know where Schoodic is, but for those of you who do, you probably know what I'm talking about. It's beautiful, you can get away from anyone, and there are constant parties all along it's shores. For me, this is wonderful. The only time I don't like it is when there is violence. If I could go anywhere it would have to be either Rome or Australia, though...maybe someday...
posted by Amanda Fickett on Jan 10, 2003 07:25PM

haha I'm actually quite poor. But I'm a talented musician! lol Really, I'm not that egotistical. But I got offered to do a concert tour of Europe last summer. So I jumped on that. And the group I went with does alumni trips, so this guy that went with me last summer and I went to London again. Money? My town helped chip in (and so did some Hollywood people and family) for my concert tour. And I just worked my butt off for England this year.
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Jan 11, 2003 12:12AM

Sounds like your hard work payed off :). I'm happy for you.
posted by Amanda Fickett on Jan 11, 2003 08:52PM

it did. it was magical.

thanks :)

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Jan 12, 2003 12:20AM

You sat in Hendrix's couch dude i have to go London. Jimi's guitars are cool but the coolest guitars have to be either Ace Freely's or the BC rich Warlock line of guitars.
posted by Ron Small on Jan 13, 2003 10:50AM

yea i sat on his couch. my ass touched what his ass was like our asses touched over time! okay okay im only joking, but still it was cool.

there were so many guitars to hold. pete townshend, bb king, noel gallagher, bo diddly, keith richards, kurt cobain, jimi's flying v etc...

london rocks my casbah

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Jan 13, 2003 11:29AM

TO hold the great Stevie Ray Vaugn's giutar would kick ass or am I the only one that thinks so?
posted by Ron Small on Jan 13, 2003 11:52AM

I meant to "guitar" not "giutar" its to early in the morning.
posted by Ron Small on Jan 13, 2003 12:03PM