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Layne Staley
I'm saddened to say that I was watching VH1 today, and found out that Layne Staley, lead singer of Alice In Chains died yesterday... In case some of you haven't heard of him, he was a GREAT singer. And one of my absolute favorite vocalists of the 90's. "I think it's gonna rain..Oh... When I die".... R.I.P.
posted by Josey Cary on Apr 20, 2002 08:34PM

it is really sad. mum told me when she found it. somehow i knew it was going to be posted in here...alice in chains was awesome...
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Apr 21, 2002 04:06PM

Its a damn shame. We loose too many talented artists too often. AIC will always be a huge band to me. Staley & Co. had a gift - they made great music.
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 21, 2002 07:04PM

I must say that I'll think of Staley whenever I hear the awesome tunes by Alice N Chains...songs like "Heaven Beside You" and "Don't Follow" have been with me for years now...truely a shame that he's now gone.
posted by Amanda Fickett on Apr 30, 2002 04:03PM

Wow... "Don't Follow"... Yeah.. I love that song.. But the song that really hits me like a brick is "Nutshell"... I mean, I almost fucking cried when I heard about Layne.. It's a HORRIBLE loss... And maybe this is a bad thing to say, but he died.. And then 4 days after that, that crazy bitch from TLC gets in a car crash and dies... Before that, everyone's attention was in the right spot. Mourning an actually talented musician, and songwriter, and then that fuckstick crashes her car, and everyone's like "Aww.. Poor TLC"... "The music industry, and the world has been robbed of a truly talented singer". Bullshit. She wasn't talented. I could slap my dick on my guitar strings, and it would sound a hell of alot better than some of the shit that came out of her mouth. I fucking hate people that confuse exposure with talent.
posted by Josey Cary on May 01, 2002 06:11PM

Whoa....Josey....I gotta step in and cut ya off man! Holy shit....first off, its absolutely terrible....horrible if anyone dies....unless you're billy corgan (who is not only known as a "talented musician" but also known to be "fuckin'" Courtney Love around the time of Kurt Cobains "disappearance" among other annoyances), but thats a different story all together. I mean geez man, c'mon...."fuck-stick?" Now Im not a big Alice in Chains fan, never have been...especially when a few months back I heard this guy was held up in his house with gangreen in his arm, and wasn't allowing anyone to take care of it. And yeah granted maybe he was depressed and addicted to numerous hard narcotics, but still....gangreen in his ARM!!! But never the less.....I gave a lil prayer for the guy. And poor Lisa Lopez.....sure she was an alcoholic, and tried to burn down her boyfriends house, but c'mon...she was dealin with the alcoholism, and actually startin to get back on her feet! And dude....lemme tell ya. FUCK MTV. MtV's for friggin 12 year olds. You wanna mourn over Layne Staley....go listen to some rock station on the RADIO. You'll hear alice and his chains rattling till the friggin cows come home, especially right now....god, its like I hear them 10 times a day. But whatever....the poor dudes dead. Give 'im a tribute for a while. And I say "right on" to the same thing for Lisa Left eye Lopez! Listen to a pop station and its the same recipe! If yer watchin MTV....well thats yer friggin problem then aint it.....your watching a show for 12 year olds.....Hey how bout you do me a favor and put teletubbys on too huh? I bet purples your favorite!
posted by StU aRt on May 02, 2002 09:24AM

I don't watch Mtv. Because Mtv blows goats. And I don't listen to the radio either. I just put on Jar Of Flies, or Dirt.. And yeah, I was outta line with that left-eye shit, but whether Mtv is for 12 year olds or fuckin' not, they're one of the ABSOLUTE biggest forms of media for music, and it would be nice if they at least played a couple of Alice videos or fucking SOMETHING... But no... It's TLC this, and TLC that.. And that wasn't Billy Corgan that was fucking Courtney Love.. At that time, it was Trent Reznor from NIN... Courtney's a fuckin' slut... And other than Mtv, I don't watch regular TV, either. It's bullshit. And what the fuck is a fuckin' telletubby? Purple's not really my color, either. I DO lile the STP album though. I didn't know she was an alcoholic. All I knew was that she was a pyro... Anyway... Jesus.. Don't get all pissed off.. I apologized. I shouldn't have said that...
posted by Josey Cary on May 02, 2002 11:27AM

It has been over a month since I heard about Layne Staley and it is still so unreal. AIC's music touched me in so many ways. If I was having a bad day all I had to do was hear Layne's awesome vocals and I would feel o.k. He will be missed. I agree with you Josey...There should be more tribute and respect shown towards Layne by the media.
posted by Erin Alyssa on Jun 09, 2002 02:07AM

posted by Jess Chahanovich on Jun 11, 2002 09:57AM

It's so nice to see people talking about how much Layne has influenced their life and how saddened they are by his death. I am a huge fan of AIC and of Layne (I run I want to clear up that rumour about Layne having gangrene. That was a rumour and is 100% false. You can look up the article on to see the facts.

RIP Layne
--Kari J.--

posted by Kari Johnson on Jun 14, 2002 04:02PM

It's true that rumor about the gangreen in his arm is completely false I remember hearing about that. There was even one rumor where he had to cut off a finger or a hand or something, also false. But to the person who posted he wished that Mtv would play some AIC videos once in a while. M2 the day and the day after that Layne died, hell maybe for 3 days straight, they played almost nothing but AIC videos. It was pretty sweet. The only thing I ever saw M2 do for TLC was play Waterfalls and Creep every couple of hours. Just thought I'd throw that in there. And yeah I'm a big AIC fan too.
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 24, 2002 05:05PM

Anyone who liked AIC and Staley should consider picking up a copy of Jerry Cantrell's new disc. Its good. I bought it just after it came out. It is very AIC-ish - the more I listen, the more I like... Check it out.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 25, 2002 06:24PM

Jerry's new CD is great. He's on tour right now with Nickelback and soon he will be on tour with Creed. His back-up band is great, Comes With The Fall (
posted by Kari Johnson on Jun 28, 2002 10:33PM

If you like AIC check out Mad Season- Layne's side project back a few years ago. Only one record was ever released by them, "Above". Get it- it's good.
posted by Jason Paolino on Aug 13, 2002 01:02PM

it's almost 7 months from his death and i still feel so sad about Layne Staley dying. He was an Amaizing musian and his lyrics & voice fill your soul with so much emotion that it leaves the generic crap made today in the dust. Alice In Chains never did get the recognition that they deserved they were as good as nirvana the doors and sabbeth...R.I.P. Layne Staley
posted by El Shano La Guapo on Sep 05, 2002 12:03AM

The eponymous album makes a lot more sense now. I think it would be easier to accept his death if he'd been a more contented man. The fact he was so unhappy adds to the magnitude of the tragedy.
posted by Henry V on Sep 25, 2002 03:04PM

The happy fact about it is that he is now at peace. He was miserable in his last days and now he is free!
posted by Kari Johnson on Apr 19, 2003 02:10PM

Stuart - the purple one is called Tinky Winky. Teletubbies have feelings too you know.
posted by Matthew St.John on Apr 19, 2003 04:14PM

Teletubbies: another reason to stop kids from watching tv.
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 22, 2003 01:42PM

I am guessing that you don't have kids of your own? At least, none that you're owning up to... ;-)
posted by Matthew St.John on Apr 23, 2003 05:10AM

Lane Staley rocked. And Jerry Cantrell is one of the baddest guitarists on the planet. I think he may be one of the only famous guitarists that uses Bogner amps. Those are amazing amps, and very expensive too. If you ever get a chance to hear one, you're lucky.
posted by Cody Phipps on May 23, 2003 11:27AM

Layne Staley is my idol i am 15 and i, sad to say is 1 of the few who is a hard core grunge rocker.
Our generation sucks music is terrible and Layne Staley is dead.
I am doin a 15 page report on my idol of and the greatest singer of all time.
posted by Jerry Gross on Jan 12, 2004 02:50PM

Alice In Chains rules! When ever im down and depressed I listen to any of their cds cuz it clams me down. Yes its very sad that Layne died but hes wit us in spirit still rockin!
posted by Jayme Meires on Jan 21, 2004 02:47PM

Does anyone know where to find Layne's grave? I live near Seattle and I am moving and I really want to pay my respects, but no luck finding anything yet. If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it!
posted by Sam -- on Feb 05, 2004 06:20PM

Well, hell, I don't know if this website is still even frequented, but it caught my eye, so..... Of course, they're aren't too many that would argue Layne's talent,..... I served 4 years in the US Air Force, and had Black and Hispanic guys jumping around, to songs like, Would?, and Man in the Box. Music is for the soul, and is somehow, very indiscriminate. It's true, that culture may indeed, dictate an initiating cue of sorts, but passing years, find their keeper. AIC was a band, who focused, very hard, especially, with the leadership of Jerry, he's one of the select few, who can identify with the person, rather than the genre. Rhythmn and Blues, is and will forever be, the soul of Rock music. I suppose, it's how you interpret it, that really matters, and AIC found a way to really express emotion in their musical exploration. There's no real reasoning behind why we do what we do, and unfortunately, Layne, made a long series of bad decisions. Life decisions are very similar to movements in a chess game, you're never really sure what the right one is, even when you thought a particular move would be cut and dry. Well, life's not cut and dry, either, and we, as humans, seek to make the best decision every time, find perfection, when we know deep down, that it's impossible. There are certain moments, or moves, in our lives that do seem perfect, and when listening to a select few AIC works, you can indeed almost come face to face with perfection. Layne Staley looked different, sang different, and I'm sure, felt different.....but in a sense, don't we all..............
posted by WILLIAM WAGNER -- on Mar 08, 2004 02:57AM

posted by Blah Blah on Mar 11, 2004 02:14AM

Im really upset of layne's death n am a big Aic fan. RIP Layne, your in my heart 4ever. Kimmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by -- -- on Sep 16, 2004 10:24AM

Here it is, almost three years later, and it still brings tears to my eyes that we lost such a gentle, talented soul on that day. I've read so many articles on what things were like for Layne before he holed himself up, and it is so tragic. You know it was addiction, because no one would WANT their body to be falling apart like that. Layne's voice touches you in a way that no one's ever has, or ever could. Take a listen to "River of Deceit", from the Mad Season cd, Above. Un-fucking the end of the song, his voice is quiet yet so powerful at the same time. I only hope that I can meet him in the afterlife in peace, sweetie-we all miss you terribly.
posted by Kat Vince on Dec 08, 2004 07:28PM

im really so sad when i heard layne died, i think someday will meet him at down in the hole... ;-(
posted by lestat tasles on Dec 29, 2004 12:48AM

im really so sad when i heard layne died, i think someday will meet him at down in the hole... ;-( ++++++++++++R.I.P+++++++++++
posted by lestat tasles on Dec 29, 2004 12:51AM

lane staley is one of if not the most honest song writers there ever was. he was not afraid to sing and write about the dark side of life. we all have darkness about ourselves that we are afraid to explore.r.i.p lane thanks for courage
posted by devin johnson on Jan 17, 2005 10:00PM

I am a huge AIC fan, i have every album. And I do have a lot of respect for Lane as a singer and a song writer. and his fans will/do miss him dearly. HOWEVER, they didnt find him for days, maybe over a week. i mean...apparently no one in his life missed him too much.

and to the 15 yr old who says Lane is his idol: Lane was a drug addict and let his life rot away in his home, let alone his body afterwards. You wanna idolize someone? stop idolizing musicians and drug addicts. i suppose the media is to blame, choosing to emphasize coverage of the entertainment industry and violence.

posted by Patrick -- on Feb 28, 2005 01:55AM

I h h h crazy heroine king staley will be deeply missed to the end of hhh time... lttis page this shit; makes me wanna knegg
posted by yvind Hammer on Mar 03, 2005 02:45AM

Layne was my moms best friends boyfriend. I knew Layne like family, i saw him all the time. He was like an uncle saddly we lost him in 02. I wish drugs and alchohl were banished from the earth because if they were Layne wouldnt of ODed and he would still be here rock'in like the great rocker he was. I Love You Layne-Lil Rocker Chica
posted by Bailey -- on Mar 17, 2005 09:30PM

Hey Layne this is an email to you i miss you so much im now off drugs and in an program called NA its really been great for me i wish you could be here! I hope you and Demeri are together-Rocker Chica,Becky not Bailey
posted by Bailey -- on Mar 17, 2005 09:33PM

ok if u want to talk about the best then your gonna have to say layne staley was or i mean is the best and whoever talked about nutshell grabbing you as a good song your right that song expresses alot about the way he feels ohh and rain when i die thats a bad ass jam i currently have facelift,dirt,and the self titled but i aslo had the unplugged which was awesome and nothing safe all that i need now is the jar of flies, sap , and the music bank box set there is a song called am i inside on the box set it is very fukin awesome i happen to be the biggest fan on layne staley he sings way better than kurt cobain but there is very much simmularity between the two like layne died april 5 2002 and kurt died april 5 1994 i think and they both died in seattle both were grunge bands both were awesome singers and guitar and drummers umm they both have alot in commom but if i had to pick a song for my favorite it would have to be like 5 o 6 songs frogs,sunshine,nutshell,killer is me,am i inside,and shame in you. those are my favorites but i really like all the songs well ill talk to yall later rip layne staley your death date is comin up april 5 ill get drunk and fucked up in your memory
posted by marcus -- on Mar 29, 2005 04:13PM

dear god how have you been then
posted by marcus -- on Mar 29, 2005 04:15PM

im fine fuck pretending
posted by marcus -- on Mar 29, 2005 04:16PM

that song is god am it is a good song well bye laynes fans
posted by marcus -- on Mar 29, 2005 04:17PM

You know what it is 2005 and I still think about Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, The two artist that change music more than Elvis did. Its such a goddamn shame. I miss you guys always, this pop culture shit is bullshit. Its all about niggers and rap crap. I had to get XM radio just to here the kinda music I like. Its amazing I got fucked up in Iraq, to come home and deal with this stupid fucked up society. I guess thats why " Here comes the Rouster" Dear God please forgive them for committing suicide, they realized they were in a world of shit, with no empathey..
posted by James Chambers -- on Apr 02, 2005 08:46PM

I just realized its two days away from their anversary 4-April-1994-2002, whow it seems like yesterday, god how music suck, aleast Staind is trying hard to keep it real. I met both of these guys in Lisbon,Portugal and in Seatle they were so down to earth, the world needs more people like you ( Courtney bitch Cobain is a murder ) any way just had to say that, if you only know what I do....Hope you guys are looking down and can see how many people care about you...And for you Courtney cause I know you drop in from time to time to read this message board, God how KURTS Daughter looks so much like HIM....So fuck you, you nasty bitch....Love all you guys out there who remembered the day the music died...
posted by James Chambers -- on Apr 02, 2005 08:56PM

hmmm, I wonder what he was like as a person...
posted by jana karaskova on Apr 05, 2005 07:13AM

More than three years have passed, and your voice, the deepness of your music and your capacity to stimulate the mind of mortals are still unsurpassed. Layne, you will not be forgotten; your legacy for this world of mediocrity and conformism is secure. You portraited like no one the dissatisfaction, misery, and anger of a generation that, like me, only wanted to dream, as reality was a waste. It is sad, indeed, that you couldn't find satisfaction with life here, only despairing suicidal reclusion and self-withdrawal that were carried to the very extreme. I hope you can rest in peace. It's over now.
posted by Tyler Durden on Jun 28, 2005 01:15AM

Someone was looking for Layne's burial site. I'm not sure where he may be visited, but check this site out for Layne and other awesome folks that have left us for peace. We must continue...on.
posted by Pete Benanti on Jul 15, 2005 11:05AM

Just wanted to say what many others on this site have already said. Layne was truly a genious and he has touched my life with his powerful vocals. Even though it took all members of AIC to make it a band, Layne was the one who carried them (undoubtedly)! Iam a singer myself and know what it feels like to touch peoples lives through the power of music. I LOVE YOU LAYNE !! I have AIC in my CD player right now! MY all time favorite song is WOULD? whats yours? ... layne is truly missed. RIP.
posted by jamie williams on Aug 27, 2005 02:26PM

i think aic is the best band in the world nirvan can never be as talented as aic.kurt cobain is not alive he commited suicide layne staley did not want to end his life he was a tippicle guy who wanted to party but he also had fans and a family that loved him so he wasnt just some sleezbag he was a singer he was a friend he was a person that lived on planet earth ive him a chance put in a alice in chains cd or dvd they rock trust me im laynes biggest fan...r.i.p layne keep rockin wher ever you are...rock on!!!!lets just put that in a million words that i cant explain to you how talented layne was well ther is even more words but i dont want yall to think im just righting for the hell of it.r.i.p.which to me means rock in peace -layne love4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ariel bangerter on Sep 03, 2005 02:07AM

todays my birthday and i just wanted to say who ever hates alice in chains can come fuck with me seriously-laynelone4evr
posted by ariel bangerter on Sep 03, 2005 02:11AM

why the hell isnt any one on line wtriting about layne staley...fuckers-laynelove4ever
posted by ariel bangerter on Sep 03, 2005 02:13AM

GOD.when I heard Layne for the 1st time I DIED I couldn't sleep...I couldn't believe it was real...The most beautiful VOICE ever...I love you LAYNE I pretty much grew up on Nirvana...but Layne stole my soul....WE should all write to rock mags and tell them to remind the world of AIC>..fuckers don't print anything ever
on the other hand...fuck the rest- HE has his loyal fans and it's enough- we'll be here till the end...
posted by Alex Shevsky on Sep 05, 2005 01:07AM

PS It's my choice...I got off drugs because of him...THANK YOU LAYNE!!!!!!!!!
Demri was SO fucking beautiful...just a few pics...but she's in one of AIC videos
posted by Alex Shevsky on Sep 05, 2005 01:12AM

Hey all, in response to arial's note, I just wanted to say that I don't belive that Layne wanted to die either, but I think he might have known that it was inevitable, the drugs consumed his life miserably, he tried to quit but couldn't he needed it to live. I wonder how he must of felt in his last moments. His voice consumes my very soul, his words ring through me like the best high ever. I miss layne, my condolences to his family and ones closest to him, his fans too. Layne is with Demri peacefull in eternity. His words live on forever. I think that we should have a memorial for him in seattle, where fans can remember him, or is there one already? PeAcE
posted by jamie williams on Sep 09, 2005 02:46PM

RE: Layne Staley....

I was mainly a Nirvana fan in the early '90s, and had heard a few AIC tracks like 'Would', but never got into them properly 1st. time around. A few months back I was going through some old VHS tapes, transferring mainly music clips onto DVD. I came across a tape from late 1995 which hadn't been played since. In perfect condition I found a clip in stereo of Mad Season performing 'I don't know anything' on MTV. I thought this was an amazing song, and this led me to the Above CD. I got this was amazed by it, and this then led me to buy all the obvious CD's and DVD's by Alice In Chains. Layne's vocals and lyrics are first rate on everything I've heard, and it's just good to have come across this clip by chance which led me to appreciate his work properly. RIP Layne.

posted by paul -- on Oct 07, 2005 07:17PM

i am writing this because i have also been touched by heroin in my life. i am currently raising my 8 yr old daughter alone because of this devastating drug. my daughters father is a heroin addict. we have struggled with his addiction for years now. layne was a great person w/ many talents(just like paul)and just couldnt kick the habit. no matter what the cost. im am very saddened by this. i struggle everyday in life because of this problem. im almost obsessed with layne and learning about how and why this drug does this to people. make them forget about everything they love and give up on life. someday I will have to be the one to explain to my beautiful baby what went wrong. someday i will have to bring her to her fathers casket. someday i will have to deal with the addiction that runs in her blood. i would give the world to have him back the way he was when we met 2 kids in love no worries. i feel failure for letting this drug get ahold of him and take him away from us. i listen to the words layne sings and understand everything he is saying and trying to tell us. i wish paul would have listened. thank you for letting me vent. layne has touched my life more than i ever dreamed. "somethings gotta turn out right"
posted by kim whitten on Oct 15, 2005 01:41PM

I'm a big lover of Layne Staley.I always thought he was super hot from the first time I saw him!Seriously,most of all he was a great artist and I believe he was a great person,I wish he could have been happy on this earth,the songs speak his pain...His story brings tears to my eyes,God bless all of his loved ones,he and AIC touched alot of people with a kewl sound like no other band ever...Thankyou.
posted by Jerron Jackson on Oct 16, 2005 12:42PM

It seems like the best always have to fuckin die out.And what is the fuckin deal with mtv,fuckin sell outs.The only AIC song you will here on the radio is Rooster.People need to relize that they came out with alot more good songs then just that one.Layne Staley was the best their ever was and the best their ever will be.Layne has inspired me alot.R.I.P. we love and miss you
posted by Jon pierce on Oct 21, 2005 11:08PM

When i first heard layne staley was dead, it was hard to believe but at the same time I knew it would happen sooner or later, with all the shit he was doing. Alice in chains was and is an awesome and always will be. Layne's music was so touching and actually meaningful to how most perople feel. Every song is awesome, but my absolute favorite is "rotten apple" that is basically the defenition of how I feel most of the time. It sucks to see another singer gone. if he was here today there music would kick ass. RIP Layne Staley
posted by Devon Hunter on Nov 09, 2005 07:38PM

i miss layne's big blue eyes & strange sexy goathead. he was so hot & beautiful & sensitive & complicated! the MTV Unplugged
staley broke my heart. i could barely watch it... his dead, heavy-lidded eyes... slumped shoulders... atrophied legs.... broken spirit. in some ways, he was already dead at that point.... out of his painful body & hovering somewhere just above it. BUT THAT VOICE!!! gawd, THAT beautiful eerie voice that could just CUT RIGHT THRU!!!! we miss you layne! thanku for exposing your EVERYTHING! the beauty & the brutal.
R.I.P. sweetie.
posted by lanyee lover on Nov 15, 2005 02:13AM

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posted by Yo se on Dec 04, 2005 04:45PM

Im so sad to hear that one of the best singers of all time is dead. I haven't known the band for very long but i have grown to really like alice in chains and layne staley. When i heard the music for the first time when i was with my sister..i fell in love with him and his music. Its been about 3 years since layne died and no one will forget. Layne was a great vocolist. 2 of my favorite songs are "would" and "junkhead"
"i think its gonna rain...oh when i die"
Rest in Peace Layne
posted by allyson whitten on Dec 08, 2005 05:15PM

I remember when they announced his death, sure enough it was raining. If your new to Layne Staley, you need to hear Mad Season, one of his side projects with a guitarist from Pearl Jam(excellent stuff). I always tell folks if you want to hear the best screaming vocal ever listen to 'Lifeless Dead'. Kick up the volume and be prepared...

There are few talents in the world that capture our senses, but he truly was one. RIP, thanks for all the memories.

posted by Jeff Foster on Dec 29, 2005 12:07AM

Lane Staley was an amazing singer, and his lyrics were awesome. He spoke to me directly every time I saw him on stage. He is the reason I got into heroin in the first place. God bless him.
posted by Fox Dotter on Jan 25, 2006 07:53PM

fox, did you not read my post 8 up from your post? please dont make someone miss u the way that we miss him....theres a whole other side to life than H. look where it got me. layne is dead now because of H think twice man.there is help for you dont forget it.
posted by kim whitten on Jan 26, 2006 01:18PM

Kim thank you for your reply and your email. I am touched that you took the time to write to me personally so soon after I wrote my message.

You will be glad to know that I was being ironic. This awful, disgusting period is behind me. I love AIC, their music and how Staley got his agony out. But I will NEVER bow down to a chemical anymore. Not of any type.

Life is precious. I have two children, a wife, a home, job, friends, music and real happiness that I have earned and enjoy every day.

I wish you the best my dear, truly and really do. I will not be leaving this world or blurring my reality. And I hope the same goes for you!

I truly adore AIC, listen to them a lot at work (I'm in computers) - My troubles have not diminished my adoration for this band. These two things are seperate. Enjoy the music with a clear mind.

Love - Fox

posted by Fox Dotter on Jan 27, 2006 07:32PM

Reading your first message again Kim, I felt I needed to add a little bit:

Your daughter does NOT have the addiction in her as you seem to me to be worried about in your reply! Never ever think that - The worst things in life spring from fear, and by fearing things, we can sometimes cause them to happen. Your little girl has her own life, and it is hers. Your only duty (and mine for my children) is to deliver them without the worries we face and have faced. Allow them to start with a clean slate.

I am sorry to lecture you back :) but I am now in a perfectly comfortable place with my life, healthy, clean and busy doing the things I enjoy and I wish you the very same and therefore want to shed a little light your way from what is my philosophy.

I am incredibly honored that you took the time to write back to me. As I say above - The troubles I have had are behind me - My comments were willingly ironic, but also meant to inspire people NOT to give in to this and die thinking there is nothing better that life has to offer them. Now that the irony has been exposed. Here's my message:


posted by Fox Dotter on Jan 27, 2006 07:47PM

i'm glad you added that! i'm so tired of H getting glamourized. my boyfriend struggled 16 years trying to kick it. heroin took his EVERYTHING. layne reminds me soooo much of him. i wish they both could start over. i wish they could go back & be all the beauty they were meant to be.
posted by lanyee lover on Feb 01, 2006 03:09AM

Never heard of this band........ I will check them out now and Ill probably be mourning this guys death in a couple hours
posted by pickle style on Feb 20, 2006 12:13AM

I'm ashamed to say that i have only reciently heard ov lane's death.(sad that he was dead a few days before anyone noticed!!) There was very little if any media coverage of it here in South Africa, plus iv been through a stage of just listeng to hip hop and drum n bass.I'v been listening to AIC since around 94, i got a copy ov their unplugged in NY, wow that is brilliant stuff. Thanks to you guys for educating me about lane's side project, and jerrys new cd. cant wit to hear that im sure its gona rock. Peace out!!
posted by GAVIN CARTER on Mar 15, 2006 01:54AM

it was actually over 2WEEKS! before anyone bothered to check on layne. his body was so badly decomposed they had to use dental records to identify him.

i dont understand how this happened! where did everybody go? why was he so alone in the end? where were his friends & family????
nobody should be left alone to die this way.
it's just so sad!!!

gaven, if you liked AIC's mtv unplugged...definitely check out their Facelift concert footage recorded at the moore theater in seattle, 1990 i believe.

both are good, but Unplugged shows AIC kinda weary & at the unravelling end of the band's career. Facelift shows the band just coming into their unique sound--& layne is so breathtakingly beautiful!! so healthy & energetic!!! it'll make you cry.


it's just so sad.

posted by ruby craven on Mar 17, 2006 07:22PM

In one of the earlier replies written by a guy called Patrick in feb/05 i was slightly disappointed on his response to Layne's death basically speculating that Media and Music obliviously glorifies drugs and "Hey What's all the fuss about" it's just one less smack head. I'll help you clear up the misguided confusion Patrick. Neither AIC or Layne himself ever glorified Heroin and excess. Quite the opposite infact, Layne was a master in his ability to emulate his inner demons in the twisted inflictions of his voice. And after 15 years of heavily invested interest in music i've not come across anyone quite as honest and strangely alluring. Much of his work was fueled by heroin and emotional dysfunction- Dirt and numerous others in the stunning AIC repertoire posing as clear examples. This also exasperated Layne's raw and unfortunately self-destructive talent to the point of it permeating so deeply into his lifestyle it could not be controlled. Layne was deeply troubled from a young age and leaving these problems unresolved was bound for a nasty spiral in one way or another. I'm just grateful that he could share his pain through that sublime and eerie voice of his. To conclude- What made Layne great was not just his compelling honesty on such an ugly spectre like drug abuse, wasn't just his beautiful character, not only his incredible frontmanship but the fact that he was always the same on and off stage. Layne created music that was lived, breathed, enjoyed and tragically struggled in. He was an Artist and a true person that reflects a facet of life that's accessible and relevant to many fans even today. Always in an Industry chock full of mediocrity and quasi, self-styled tortured pretenders who's attempts at similarity with the greatness of AIC sound like whiny prats throwing toys out of the cott. That's why Patrick. Hope it sinks in next time you listen to Dirt or Jar of Flies and you may just realise why he's an idol and inspiration to so many who's stood the test of time.
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Four years ago today. A lot of negative things have been said about Layne. I moved to Seattle in Dec of 89. I went downtown and ended up at the Central Tavern. Really cool crowd and environment. I asked this guy,"who are playing"? Alice in Chains. I laughed to myself and thought, another shitty band. After it was over,I wanted to see them again.It was a weekly event,Central Tavern,Ballard Backstage,Gyms,Old Theaters,Off Ramp,Etc.., The End, across the street from Rock Candy making scenes for a movie. I bought beers for the guys at breaktime and talked to Layne on three ocasions. Bottom line. Layne was a very nice and down to earth guy.I thought to myself,"Here I am talking to someone who was so nice and cool"! The best part of the shows was when they played, "Queen of the Rodeo".Ya, just had to laugh!!
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Queen of the rodeo was a hillarious song. The only version I've heard of it was from a show in Texas. Now playing that song in Texas takes balls...
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I donno but if any true artist of anykind says anything negitive about Alice n chains period any of them dead or alive your not a true musician and honestly i agree with neone who says the music industry today is terrible and theres terrible music terrible terrible....i donno what else to say except if it wasnt for my mp3 n ipod id b lost cuz i coudlnt even tell you a new song on the radio perhaps some new TOOL or chili peppers but Chains will always b my fav i dont even care if hes dead, as long as im alive Laynes Alive........And anyone ever hear the song ( IM ALONE ? by Alice n chains and Pearl Jam? )
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When Layne died it had been 10 months since my mother commited suicide. I was distraught for about a year over her death and I guess the news didn't really hit me about Layne so I missed the vigils held in Seattle. This is something I am now really regretting since he remains to this day my favorite singer. No one else's voice can melt me the way his does. So this August I will attend his birthday memorial/fundraiser at the Showbox Theater in Seattle. I don't know how I will look at his mother and not cry...miss u Layne
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Jerry is a prick!!

He thinks the band was about him... Layne made AIC!!!!!!!

Jerry your not a front man...your coming to my town as Alice & Chains....its a fucking joke!!!!

posted by OneCool -- on Oct 21, 2006 05:19PM