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Not A Question
Lemme just tell why I luv this band so much.
One day my friends were bitching at my music (Nirvana, Verve Pipe, Bush, Refreshments and Stone Temple Pilots - bands that Phlux plays music by) so I decided to go to Open Mic one night hoping to find something cool. What I found was a band doing all my favorite songs and I even liked their originals too. I started attending their shows and even got my friend Laura into them too. Of course it was Phlux. I liked them at first because they liked the same bands that I did. I then did the webpage to kind of get the word out to people about them. But over the years I've gotten to know them as people too and they are 3 of the greatest guys I know. So why is this in post-stu phlux section? Well because I found out during a talk with Greg that, that open mic show I attended was one of his first with the group and we've both been into this band (him as a member, me as a fan) for about the same length of time and I think that's cool.
Rock on guys!
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 05, 2000 02:59PM

Lemme just tell you why I luv you so much...'cause that is cool! And gosh darnit so are you! Laura's a bit of allright as well! But you know what would be even cooler? If you were the president of the united states like me! So I suggest to everyone who reads this to go to your ballot boxes this election season and vote CHRIS HANCOCK FOR U.S. PRESIDENT! He's got my vote!
posted by Richard M. Nixon on Jun 12, 2000 09:25PM

Thank you so much. Would you consider being my running mate?
posted by Chris Hancock on Jun 13, 2000 01:36AM