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So? What do you think of drugs? Good, Bad? Make a political statement and tell us all why you think that way. Are pot smoking kids a moral problem that least to America's moral bankruptcy, or are they just exercising that universal pleasure maximization gene? Should we make moral judgments about people based on whether they like to indulge in a little recreational feel good time? What about if they make a decision to destroy themselves with their favorite brand of poison? Is it their right to make that decision or is it someone else's right to draw a box around them and force a particular set of moral rules conceptions of how life should be lived upon them? Should we spend our time locking people up for wanting to feel good, or should we spend our time cleaning up after the wasted, staggering, stoner-drunk- assed-junkies? Legalize or lockaway?
Speak up -- It is America after all, land o' de FREE home o' de BRAVE (and origin of the absolutely-perfectly-ideal-zen-moment class of stonerfus potheadicus maximus). Say your piece 'cause it's your right.
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 03, 2002 11:27AM

People are going to use and abuse drugs no matter if they are illegal or not. I believe that there are some substances that should be controlled and others that do not need nearly as much control as they have. I believe that there should be control on substances that are man made such as cocaine and heroin. Yes, they are great pain killers for people who have been in an accident or surgery, however there are great reprocussions for abuse. I speak as someone who's life was touched by a heroin addict who recently passed away. The abuse of such drugs cause great damage to the people who use them and others around them. On the other hand, substances such as pot and alcohol are natural and if the user is smart enough not to abuse them or use them in a way that hurts others, then go for it legalize them. The major problem with legalizing them now is that there would be a huge influx in use for a period of time and it many of the people using would not be smart enough to take it in stride. Instead, many would go out and get blitzed and just plain act stupid. Pretty much what I am getting at is that if people are smart enough not to abuse a natural substance, then let them use it!
posted by Cat Bartash on Mar 04, 2002 09:40AM

(*JUST A NOTE* I wrote this post probably at the same time as Cat B. was writing hers. So initially when I was creating it....there was only Clints Post, please bear that in mind! lol) My piece, at first, is that theres too many POT and ALCOHOL references in there...and not enough of the other "stuff"...we should throw more HEROINE, CRACK, COCAINE, ECSTACY, SHROOMS, ACID, OPIUM, QUELUDES, OXYCONTIN, CRYSTAL METH, PCP, ROOFIES, etc etc etc into peoples minds before they start to think and write. I get what your saying/asking...but for obvious reasons (lol), I'm hoping to broaden the responses so I dont end up feeling obligated by some sort of internal chemical conscience to reply against a bunch of possible anti-pot smoking posts! Having said that...I will also say I stand fast in my personal belief "TO EACH THEIR OWN!" If someones gonna be intelligent enough to indulge in toxins that could chemically addict them or very easily kill them with the first use...let em do it! The worlds heading towards overpopulation anyways isn't it?! And I dont mean to under emotionalize (if thats even a word I made up there) the pain that losing a friend or family member to something like this could be, but at that point it comes down to finding those peers who really do care about you enough to pressure you in the more possitive direction doesn't it! Mix in with the good crowd! Find true friends!
posted by StU aRt on Mar 04, 2002 10:20AM

First of all (stu) there aren't any more anti-pot or anti-alcohol references in the original post than you read into it. (Most of the post, if you'll notice is punctuated with question marks, and most of the questions that speak to one point of view are trailed with questions that speak to the reciprocal point of view.) That being said, the idea I really wanted to put forth in this post is that the whole "controlled substance" conception is a misnomer. The substances themselves are only controlled insofar as the people that use, or in some cases distribute, the substances are controlled. In other words, the police don't put the bag of pot (or heroin, stu) in jail for 20 years. They put the pothead/junkie in jail for 20 years. (And maybe my numbers for sentences are a bit off, I don't know, but you get my point.) When you make laws to control drugs you make laws to control people. Drugs are pretty benign by themselves. A drug is just a chemical. If people didn't use it to get high, it would be no more significant than baking soda or oregano. So, it's the person that winds up being controlled (or more properly punished) when laws are passed purporting to control the "drug problem." I think maybe we COULD control the substance itself, if we were to involve the FDA and apply the same process to recreational drugs that applies to commercial/medicinal drugs, but that's another post, and that's not the state of things in this country at this time.
posted by Clint Phipps on Mar 04, 2002 12:52PM

There's drugs and then there's drugs. Some will kill you fast and some will kill you slow. The Bible says to do things in moderation and don't be a drunk. I take that to mean drunk/junkie/pothead.

Unfortunately, the chemicals that some people use just cause them to crave that chemical more and shut down other vital functions you need to live in balance.

The fact is if you're doing a lot of drugs, you're wasting a lot of time and money for a selfish activity. Whether it's a legal activity or not it's very self-absorbed. Remember what happened to Narcissus.

I've seen it all. Pill abusers, cokeheads, heroin junkies, ecstasy ravers, potheads, drunks. It is not easy to watch the person you had such a blast partying with the night before turn into a completely different creature due to addiction. I say treat addicts as if they are sick, not lawbreakers.

As for natural substances that man has discovered through the ages...there SHOULD be strict rules regarding their use in our society. I am not going to say whether or not these substances should be legalized here. If you want that lifestyle bad enough, and you're considerate enough to move away to live that life, there's always Europe.

posted by Ever Curious on Mar 04, 2002 05:05PM

Drugs hurt your head.
posted by Piper -- on Mar 07, 2002 04:27PM

Drugs...The key to creativity and inner-self.
When your blazed, trippin', rollin, flyin, whatever, try writing a poem and you will be amazed at some of the shit u write down. Just start writing or reading your bible and the whole world will be placed into your hands...Drugs are not a bad thing, just because society says that they are bad and says that they are illegal, doesnt mean they actually are. Yes, if you get caught your fucked but if you dont then when your high dont just sit around and "chill". Make something out of clay, or paint a picture, draw something or write and you will find that you could sell those peices of art work for alot of money. With that money buy more drugs and make more creative things. ifyou follow these lines then cash will flow and drugs will be alot more fun...
posted by Michael Vecchio on Jul 15, 2002 06:21PM

Hmm. Interesting toke, err, take I mean...
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 04, 2002 11:17PM