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Phluxstock 00(again)
Is Phlux going to be taking any requests at Phluxstock??

posted by Evan Ackley on Jun 04, 2000 09:12PM

It depends on if they are requests for originals or covers. We'll certainly consider original requests...
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 05, 2000 12:41AM

I think we're gonna have a set list for phluxstock. So at the actual event we probably will not have requests being taken, unless there's too many pouty faces in the crowd, but we're gonna try and stand fast. However, as long as they are requests for origionals, please feel free to leave messages for us somewhere on this site about songs you would like to hear at phluxstock and perhaps even any other gigs you may attend. We're always trying to figure out what the crowd wants to hear "this time." So yeah give us a hand! I'll write a message to zach and see if maybe he could put a particular area on here for requested songs at shows.
posted by StU aRt on Jun 08, 2000 09:05AM

I wanna hear "Scratch", "Water Fills" and "Spider".
posted by Evan Ackley on Jun 12, 2000 05:36PM