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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A court in Sweden has ruled that a man who donated sperm for artificial insemination, enabling a lesbian couple to have three children, must pay child support after the two women separated, a Swedish newspaper reported on Sunday. The regional daily Nerikes Allehanda said on its Internet Web site a county court ruled that the man was undoubtedly the children's biological father and hence obliged to pay child support of $265 per month after the women's 10-year relationship broke up. The verdict poses a legal dilemma, however, because under Swedish law a sperm donor is not regarded as the legal parent of children conceived with the help of his semen. Sperm donors, however, are normally strictly anonymous, while in this case the man was a friend of the couple and his identity as the father is in no doubt. The man has appealed.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 11, 2001 10:20AM

LONDON (Reuters) - Around one million British school children succeeded in causing an earthquake on Friday, jumping up and down simultaneously in the world's largest scientific experiment.

Thousands of schools around Britain were asked to send children out into the playgrounds at 11 a.m. (6:00 a.m. EDT) to jump up and down for a minute in the hope of creating a measurable quake.

Organizers of the Giant Jump event, held to mark the launch of the government's Science Year, said it had been a success.

"We're almost sure we had a million people out there jumping for us. We got some kind of result at every single seismometer around the country," Nigel Pain, director of Science Year, told Reuters.

posted by Cat Bartash on Dec 11, 2001 10:43AM

One time, J-dog put a cat in the fridge.
posted by Cody Phipps on Dec 11, 2001 10:59PM

Man breaks out of prison to go on a beer run, gets busted breaking back in!

Mark Delude, 39 was serving an eight to 30-month sentence for minor offences when he decided to crawl under a fence and walk the mile and a half to the local store.
Upon returning with his goodies (a case of beer and carton of smokes) he was spotted by troopers and apprehended, Delude has since been moved to a more secure prison.
Mr.Delude could now face an additional 2 years added to his sentence.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 12, 2001 02:49PM

Robot Dog Dildo--
With the number of cheap ripoffs spawned by the popularity of Sony's AIBO pet robot dog, it was only a matter of time before someone got the idea to combine a robot with a sexual device.
Angel Heartz, a sex toy company in Japan, created a "Robot Vibe-inu" which looks like a pet dog, and responds to commands like "come" and "stay." However, its nose can also be used as a vibrator.
Angel Heartz's store offers not only the pets for sale, but also a room that can be rented for customers to try them out.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 12, 2001 02:51PM

OH MY GOD.......lololol
posted by StU aRt on Dec 13, 2001 08:51AM

Why do the Japanese get all the good stuff???
posted by Cat Bartash on Dec 13, 2001 09:35AM

Cannabis Ice Cream?
The government in New Zealand has accepted that industrial hemp can be grown in the country, so long as it is used for food products.
People who want to make muesli bars and even ice cream containing the oil from the plants have long been wanting the government to allow it, and now they have their way.
However the hemp that will be grown has only small amounts of THC, which are what makes cannabis so popular around the world.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 13, 2001 12:30PM

What the fuck?
The makers of Duff beer, who have been running their company for 10 years in Dunedin New Zealand, have been told to change their name or be taken to court by US media giant 20th Century Fox.
Duff beer, named after the owner of the company Gavin Duff says "What it boiled down to was small guys like us don't have enough money to fight big guys like them."
He says he has only watched the Simpsons once and found the show to be "rubbish" but that he often gets American tourists who come into his brewery simply because of the name.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 13, 2001 12:31PM
posted by Snake Bite on Dec 13, 2001 03:21PM

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish authorities ruled in October that their priests could not ride on airliners taking off from Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv without getting into hermetically sealed body bags for the few moments that the plane passes over the cemetery in Holon (reasoning that impurities emanating from the cemetery had to be blocked out). El Al said it wouldn't permit passengers, for safety reasons, to wrap themselves like that, but Swissair announced it would make a slight route adjustment so that its planes could avoid the cemetery.
posted by Snake Bite on Dec 13, 2001 03:29PM

Another of those guys who enlist in wartime and then don't much keep up with the news turned up in September in the Guatemalan jungle, just across the border from his native El Salvador, surprised to learn that the 1969 war (El Salvador invading Honduras) ended 32 years ago, about 100 days after it started. Salomon Vides, 72, was further driven into hiding because he often heard gunfire over the years, but rescuers noted that he was living in an area popular with hunters. Reporters noted that Vides looked authentically out of the loop, for example, having a tough time with the concept of a pop-top soda can
posted by Snake Bite on Dec 13, 2001 03:36PM
posted by Snake Bite on Dec 13, 2001 03:41PM

I have a ton of these

posted by Cat Bartash on Dec 14, 2001 09:42AM

NEW HAVEN, Conn. A young woman has recovered after surgery to correct a brain abscess caused by the piercing in her tongue, Yale medical officials said. The woman, in her mid-20s, developed symptoms of a brain abscess 18 months ago after removing a stud from her infected tongue. She had difficulty walking and showed signs of clumsiness. Brain abscesses are usually caused by ear or sinus infections, and had not previously been linked to tongue piercing, said Dr. Richard Martinello, an infectious disease specialist at Yale-New Haven Hospital. "The bacteria that caused the abscess in this patient were those typically found in persons' mouths," he said. The woman had brain surgery and recovered after being treated with antibiotics. Martinello said he believes tongue piercing is fairly low-risk but because it is impossible to make the mouth sterile, there is always some risk of infection. Tongue piercing, a daring act said to enhance kissing and oral sex, emerged on the club scene among teens and trendy youth in the early '90s.
posted by sam aritan on Dec 14, 2001 02:45PM

And you fugazy if you think I'm a admit wrong
I'll cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sicked on
And this song is for any kid who get's picked on
A sick song to retaliate to and it's called


Fight Music--D-12 and Eminem of my other selves has a tendency for rap, :).

posted by Jevon -- on Dec 17, 2001 08:43AM

Tongue piercing..a daring act? " i double dog dare you!" ...enhances kissing and oral sex? hmmm, well...if you really get into your work a tongue piercing will sometimes snag onto the "edge" of the workpiece-an act that quickly leads to a swift smack to the top of your head. :)
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 17, 2001 08:53AM

Mans Penis Severed in Vacuum Cleaner
A 63 year old Italian man was admitted to the emergency room with a severed penis. An investigation found that he had been watching erotic movies and placing his penis into the vacuum cleaner.
He did have surgery to replace the missing section and although it was a success the doctors do not believe that it will ever be quite the same.
posted by Jevon -- on Dec 18, 2001 10:15AM

Jesus died for our sins then God raised Him from the dead after 3 days. Are you saved from the burning hell?? Ask Jesus to save your soul now.
posted by bill williams on Aug 07, 2002 10:58PM