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My Band lyrics
Clint & da gang,
i wrote this song for my band called Justin's Taxicab. Tell me if you like it. EMAIL:

5 years ago I boarded a plane
wishin that my life would change
I lived in this town I hated so much,
Lookin back just to see what I'd be missin

thank god i left when i did,
i was gettin sick of those preppy kids
always listenin 2 my cd player
the only friend that was always there

all of us remembered the eggings and jokes.
makin fun of da flatlanders who smoked.


All those concerts we used to go
I am so glad i left this place

No where for fun,
no where to hide,
surrounded by jocks who got all the chicks.
rememberin that always makes me sick
here I sit watchin the rain
writin this song about the things that made me sick.

Get up and Leave ~ Justin's Taxicab

posted by J. Wells on Dec 07, 2001 04:41PM

Right on dude....I feel ya I feel ya. The lyrics are good. Though ive never even tried to take credit for knowing how to write good lyrics, I can take credit for knowing what I like...and personally I think they need just a little bit more color. A little more flavor. A little something more in there that really does show how you felt and not just read how you felt. Other than that man....I was in the same place. Some good stuff there, keep it up! Id like to hear the music that goes with!
posted by StU aRt on Dec 10, 2001 11:31AM

Yeah, man. Good stuff, keep it up ...but when do I get to hear it?
posted by Clint Phipps on Dec 10, 2001 03:00PM

hey guys,
here are sum more lyircs from Justin's Taxicab, our first show will be at 27
Whitney Road in Falmouth July 4 wit rock band error404 come see us! (I
wrote this one when i was pissed)

unplugged the phone
hurled at the wall
now no one will call
took a bat to the car,
who gives a shit about windows any way

Why did you say those things to me
i'm not the SOB u think i am
i swear i am a changed man
u wanted anger management
went one time broke a collarbone

smashed my fist right through the wall
always one step above the law
loaded the .22
shot it at the tv
not gettin up out of bed
probably end up like Brian Wilson


u kno i always cared for u
u just said goodbye 2 soon
now I'm 5-10
got alot of time to think about now and then

u said anger management never hurt no one,
why the hell am i in jail
your cause was no avail


Anger Management ~ Justins Taxicab

posted by J. Wells on Dec 18, 2001 07:17PM