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Awesome...truly awesome.
This was left up in the chatroom and it made me laugh pretty damn hard. I couldn't let this treasure slowly slip to nothingness. I felt it deffinately needed to be preserved before it was lost to the world!

"Funk is wussy.
And I should know, I'm a bass player.
The wussiness of funk must be assauged with the unwussiness of true heaviness.
Only then can a true balance of good and evil, hard and soft, dark and light, be achieved in order to realize optimal effect of both.
Just as maximum heaviness cannot be attained without a background of light, maximum funk cannot be achieved without a background of unfunk. And vice versa.
Therefore for maximum good, there must be evil. For maximum hardness there must be softness. For maximum funk there must be unfunk.
To get totally funked, one must know what it is to be unfunked.
That is all."


posted by StU aRt on Dec 06, 2001 09:22AM

You missed what he was replying to though. That's the sad part. You missed how much funk Xach has stored in his eyebrows.
posted by Cody Phipps on Dec 06, 2001 01:22PM

well....I caught the ass end of your guys' conversation. But just this whole bit in general, despite the conversation relevance was just too hilarious! I mean I get in the "funk" mood once in a while and tend to enjoy it quite a bit when im in that mood, but this just made me laugh so hard....guffah even.
posted by StU aRt on Dec 06, 2001 04:32PM