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I know of a pub in belfast. There busiest night is Saturday evenings. They are open till 1a.m. They charge $5 dollars a head. The name of the pub is Bruno's & Rico's Pub. The address is 52 High Street Belfast Maine, 04915. You can contact a guy by the name Bruno. Most people call him Buzzy. He is an awesome guy. The phone number is (207)338-4896. You can mention me if you would like. He may not know the name too well, because it has been a while. I did see him last Saturday night. He does know what I look like and everything. He is pretty good with his memory. Will one of you guys call him at least. He will be able to give you more info. The bar is open friday and saturday evenings. It is also open on some sundays. Email me and let me know if you did get to contact the guy and if this place is of any interest to perform at. Please speak with Buzzy first. He would let you know everything you need to know. If you do decide to do a show in this direction please let me know, I am good at finding places where you all can stay.
posted by Latricia Saucier on Oct 19, 2001 09:32AM

You guys should play a church someday... And Cody should play his guitar with a violin bow, while 2 prostitutes dressed as priests, on both sides of the stage strip in bird cages. And while all of that's going on, there would be a big screen behind you, playing the Meilies film "Le Voyage Dans La Lune". Just an idea... And you guys should dress like The Misfits. Yeah, well, if any of you out there don't like this idea, let it be a lesson to you. Don't drink Absinthe.
posted by Josey Cary on Mar 10, 2002 08:02PM

Josey, you missed our show in Wiscasset. We had the stage all set up exactly according to your description. I had to pay a little extra to get the girls in the cages, but it was worth it.
posted by Cody Phipps on Mar 31, 2002 08:22PM

Cody, those chicks you got to go inside the cage and strip were underage....Wiscasset cops are looking for you. :) :) :)


posted by Tim Yocum on Mar 31, 2002 10:20PM

Tim, shhhhhh! Don't tell anybody! They'll catch me if you keep talking about it!
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 01, 2002 12:19AM

I said prostitues, not underage whores, goddamnit!!!
posted by Josey Cary on Apr 11, 2002 02:15AM