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How much do you know about what is going down in our own congress and senate?
How much do you know about how these actions of our government are effecting your safety?
Let it be known that this is the place to post any and all news that may be effecting the personal liberties of Americans!
We should all keep in touch with things that directly effect us!
Let's do that right here, right now, at
This is a channel of communication to keep us informed!
Use it!
posted by Cody Phipps on Oct 02, 2001 06:43PM

Bruce Schneier has written a special edition of his very smart CRYPTO-GRAM newsletter. Read it!
posted by Zach Beane on Oct 03, 2001 12:51PM

This begs for a quote. "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." (Thomas Paine)
posted by sam aritan on Oct 03, 2001 03:15PM

Interesting fact on the "freedom" of others:
"...among Muslim men it is customary to hold hands while walking. It is a sign of respect and friendship. It is perfectly masculine."
posted by Piper -- on Oct 04, 2001 01:05PM

"We are sure of our victory against the Americans and the Jews as promised by the Prophet: Judgment day shall not come until the Muslim fights the Jew, where the Jew will hide behind trees and stones, and the tree and the stone will speak and say 'Muslim, behind me is a Jew. Come and kill him.'"
-Osama Bin Muhammad Bin Awad Bin Laden

I think that we as a country are neglecting to address directly the nature of the enemy and the degree to which the lines of reasoning and inspirations to action differ from ours as members of western society. Were a war to begin now it would not be a war against terrorism, as terrorism has no face and no culture. It will be a war between two societies, two cultures, two sets of values, two religions. These people hate us because they believe (rightly or wrongly, I will not presume to judge) that America imposes itself on the middle east and that our actions there blindly support Jews and kill Iraqi children. Their sentiments are mirrored in us. We hate them because their actions seem to blindly support Muslims and kill Americans.
They see us as the terrorists.
It is probably true for most of us that the word "terrorist" itself conjures the image of a dark-eyed, bearded, middle-eastern man. It is exactly opposite for that man. He sees an American.
It is hard to think in terms of our freedom because it seems to come down to the question of our freedom VS. their freedom.
Who deserves freedom?

Americans have died at the hands of Muslims. Muslims have died at the hands of Americans. Whose life was worth more?

posted by Piper -- on Oct 04, 2001 01:36PM

Oooops, I wanted to add more.

(I am not a member of Osama Bin Laden's army.)

My opinion is that presumption and ego are powerful weapons, and when stubborn ego presumes correctness- political, religious, you name it- the unfortunate result is always conflict.
Conflict spurs aggression, which leads to war, which causes death.

I think it's a sad cycle, and here we are, in the midst of it again, stirring up unanswerable questions, asserting opinion as unalterable truth.

posted by Piper -- on Oct 04, 2001 01:48PM

you hit the bullseye with that piper I must say.
posted by StU aRt on Oct 05, 2001 04:50PM

Anthrax has killed 20 Americans in the last 100 years, but in the next 10 minutes, about 20 Americans will die of some preventable illness or injury. An estimated 2,700 Americans will die of preventable injury or illness by this time tomorrow. Tobacco kills 500,000-plus Americans each and every year; by comparison, as a cause of personal mayhem and death, tobacco makes terrorism of any kind look like a pimple on our rear ends. The media helps to skew our sense of relative risk; it makes one anthrax death in Florida sound like an express train coming at us while the deaths of a million Americans every year from preventable illness and disease sound like a dropping pin.
(Erik Steele)
posted by sam aritan on Oct 16, 2001 09:13AM

This just in on a new threat to our freedom:

Terrorists have infiltrated the high schools, where they have formed an elite clique of basketball players who shun unpopular students, making them sullen and withdrawn, unable to shop. Some terrorists have even disguised themselves as eighth-grade boys, who plan to travel to Washington secretly, to place tacks on the chairs of Congress, and short-sheet the president's bed.

posted by sam aritan on Oct 17, 2001 08:56AM

Maybe the whole scheme of sending Anthrax throught the mail is a carefully calculated scheme on behalf of terrorists to manipulate the army of postal worker that the United States Government employs and quarters among its citizens by increasing the everyday stress in an already stressful workplace thereby causing mass hysteria at the post offices across the nation so as to utilize an already existing force of thousands, mobilizing them and inducing them to obtain automatic weapons and, in the parlance of the times, "go postal on our asses," thereby circumventing the need for an invading army or any investment in outfitting, training, and arming an invasion force...
So watch out for that guy comin' down the street in that funky lookin' postal truck, he's just a tool for the masterminds...

...Or maybe not.

posted by Clint Phipps on Oct 18, 2001 05:05PM

So what's new in the world? What's the latest in the political stew in the US?
posted by Cody Phipps on Apr 01, 2002 12:23AM

According to the late Bertrand Russell, "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."
posted by sam aritan on May 10, 2002 04:29PM

That may be true, but victory does determine who's right.
posted by Clint Phipps on May 11, 2002 01:03PM

Victory determines who wins....not necessarily who's right.
posted by StU aRt on May 13, 2002 08:54AM

As the victors say... "Might makes right."
posted by Clint Phipps on May 13, 2002 11:59AM

So then our Indian massacre a couple hundred years ago was, the right thing to do? Enslaving blacks because we had the upper hand was, the right thing to do? Hitler's slaughter of countless innocent men women and children...was the right thing to do?
posted by StU aRt on May 14, 2002 09:01AM

Sunday's Post printed this article. It's about Louisiana free blacks who owned slaves. Not to digress, Stu, but your post made me think of it. By the way, where I live, the Civil war lives on and on and ON. We have lots of re-enactments every year, and there's tons of bumper stickers with rebel flags and things that say, "Yankee go home." It's a whole different world down here.

posted by Ever Curious on May 14, 2002 11:27AM

Obviously, Stu, many acts bring up complicated moral issues. So yeah, you can contest the good or evil inherent in an act on a moral level. But I don't hear much complaining about how it's wrong to be an American and enjoy the most comfortable lifestyle and the longest life expectancy of any place on the globe... even though the wonderful land of America was taken by force from the Native americans. In fact, I hear how it is GOOD to be an american, where at least you know you're free. And I'm sad to say, but if Hitler had had enough "might" to win the war and be right, you and I, would probably be doing the goose-step right now saying shit like "heil hitler" and "goodenhauserhudenhosen." Even if we were doing it with a luger to our heads. As for slavery... that stuff is not unique to American heritage, it has been around forever. Only very recently, since the ideals of democracy, which notably rose in the land that was stolen with bloody hands from its native population, became widely accepted has it become a moral wrong to hold slaves. (And I'm talking slaves of a losing nation regardless of race, not necessarily slaves of different races based on racial motives. The greeks, trojans, romans, persians, huns, and others all enslaved the hell out of each other whenever they could.) Part of the reason for it is that nobody's gonna punish someone that's powerful enough to hold slaves or massacre people (Massacres, by the way have happened as a matter of regular course historically. Again, check out the Athenians who would kill all the men of a village and enslave the children and women. And they were "ENLIGHTENED".) because that person is usually the one that deals out the punishment himself. Go figure. You can always say "That aint right, man!" but that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be any repercussions for those acts unless there's another bigger badder boy on the block to rub his nose in it.
posted by Clint Phipps on May 14, 2002 01:19PM