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Starting out
~~What was the hardest part in starting your band??~~
posted by Natalie -- on Sep 02, 2001 07:04AM

Picking the right hair color.
posted by Clint Phipps on Sep 02, 2001 11:12AM

Oh yeah, and choosing between red and black leather pants.
posted by Clint Phipps on Sep 02, 2001 11:13AM

OK, I'm just kidding. (Though the choice to wear red leather pants could have a huge effect on your popularity in some musical circles...) The hardest thing is not the practice or the songwriting... that should all be fun. If it isn't, maybe you're in the wrong line of business. The hardest thing in my opinion is persuading venue owners to let you play in their place. After that it's attempting to convince people to show up and be your audience. And after that is getting people to enjoy themselves while they're listening to a song that you've written and they've never heard before. It doesn't seem that it should be tough to get people to enjoy themselves, but go figure.
posted by Clint Phipps on Sep 02, 2001 11:36AM

Actually it would seem to me that the writing and performing would be easy as Clint said but as far as getting people to enjoy themselves being the hardest? Is that right? I mean if the people aren't enjoying themselves maybe the band isn't doing something right? The hardest part I would think would be rocking out til 2 or 3 in the morning packing it in and having to do another similar show the next night. I went to a late night show you guys did in Machias one night that went super late. I got barely any sleep and no food and the next day traveled with you guys to Calais for another late night show and I was pooped and I'm not in the band even. So you wouldn't say the travelling like that isn't the hardest?
posted by Chris Hancock on Sep 04, 2001 12:57AM

We never get any sleep.
Its just part of life.
The less you sleep, the longer you live...
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 04, 2001 02:51PM

Nope....for me, traveling like that isn't the hardest....unless you have other major commitments to deal with as school or a full time job. Most teachers and bosses dont really give a shit what you're doing.....just what you're doing for them. With good reason of course....they have a business to run themselves. If there were no other major commitments besides the band. Id be loving a schedule like that. Playing all the time seeing and meeting new faces. Its the bomb to me! As long as your not working "two jobs" sleep can always be found. Whether its a car ride or a hotel....dont matter to me. But I must agree with Clint. The most difficult part I find in being in a band is getting people to just simply listen for the first time to what you have to offer. With hip hop and rap and "club music" dominating the music scene in the recent years, and with more and more bars and clubs hiring D.J.'s instead of wanting some live musical entertainment, things are a little more difficult than they used to be.
posted by StU aRt on Sep 04, 2001 03:18PM

The hardest thing...
Well you have to build up your alcohol tolerance if you want to be able to drink like a rock and roll star... cause all rock and roll stars drink... and you have to start liking hard liquor like Led Zepplin or the Stones... cause all rock bands like hard liquor. It can be kinda hard to be persistent enough to actually develop a significant tolerance and not just a wussy one that other rock and roll stars will laugh at... UMMM yeah. That's all.
posted by Clint Phipps on Nov 12, 2001 02:40PM

The hard thing is doing everything you need to do all the time in a consistent manner and not letting other things get in the way of what you really want to do.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jan 10, 2002 10:31AM