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Studio Recording, anyone?
I heard it through the grapevine that there's going to be a new studio recording released by Phlux... Has anyone heard anything else?
posted by Amanda Phipps on Jun 02, 2000 03:34PM

Cody said it would probably be out before Phluxstock... and it was going to have 12 songs on it... I think.
posted by Evan Ackley on Jun 04, 2000 09:06PM

From the mailing list:

The new PHLUX full-length CD debut.
Available for the first time at
PHLUXSTOCK 2000. The CDs that will be
sold at PHLUXSTOCK 2000 are a limited
edition - a one-time-only printing of
100 copies. Each CD is marked with a
Serial Number stating its place in the
original 100 copies produced. 12
songs. 12 bucks...

posted by Zach Beane on Jun 13, 2000 09:23AM

Yes folks. Its out there. All you have to do is pick it up. The Negative Album has arrived...
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 09, 2000 12:39AM

if you have this album, sign your name here.
posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 12, 2002 07:24PM

I do
posted by Jess Chahanovich on Sep 12, 2002 09:54PM

posted by StU aRt on Sep 13, 2002 08:25AM

posted by Cody Phipps on Sep 13, 2002 09:24AM

I've got it. And I wear it out from listening to it so much!
posted by Nick Smith on Sep 13, 2002 11:10AM

I would listen to the CD more if there wasn't all that cursing at the end!!
posted by Zach Beane on Sep 13, 2002 11:12AM

I had to brib Bull Moose Music to get mine, but it is here
posted by Cat Bartash on Sep 13, 2002 12:11PM

Yes, the cursing is surely disappointing...
posted by sam aritan on Sep 13, 2002 02:46PM

I have the album. I listen to it to "reminisce" about the "good old days" when I could drink a "case" of "Sam Adams" by "myself" and then go to "Open Mic"....
well, maybe not a case by myself...I think ol' Shannon Wright helped a few times...
posted by Ever Curious on Sep 14, 2002 05:53PM

I have that cd as well and love it. Still today the passengers in my car as well as other cars that drive me here this music full blast. When you guys get another Cd out let me know. I will be buying more than one so that it does not skip in my players because it has been played way to many times. I will probably play it until the cd has been completely destroyed from being played to much.
posted by Patricia Saucier on Sep 21, 2002 06:54PM

Thanks for the comments and appreciation. Keep adding to the list.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jan 22, 2003 05:03PM