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Hey guys!

Where's the COMMENT section for I noticed you didn't have a place on your bulletin board for comments, which should definately be an addition to the site sometime in the near future for any comments your fans may want to share. I wanted to post one myself, when I noticed there wasn't a place to add them. I know you have the guestbook for any comments about your band, but by adding a comment page about the website specifically to the bulletin board, I'm sure you'll get many comments on what you have accomplished since you first started Fans will also be able to see what others have written, which will allow them to add and reply to those certain comments. This would let you know what aspects of your website are particularly strong in sharing awesome information about the band, and what they love to see.

So I'll make my comment below and hope and watch for a new comment section to be added soon.


I am very impressed with the amount of work that has gone into the website. Watching you - Clint, Cody and Zach, take so much time and consideration into creating a place where fans may go and learn more about Phlux, shows your dedication to music and music lovers. The talent you possess should be something everyone can witness and hear for themselves. And the website is a great, informational place for people to start following you and your music and hopefully continue to follow the progress you achieve as a band. Almost everyday I can see new and improved additions to the site that make it more enticing for me to follow up on what you've posted for everyone to see. is a major accomplishment that I hope everyone takes advantage of.

For all you Phlux fans out there, I hope you take the time to share your comments about the website. Not only are the boys working hard on sharing information with you, they care and are interested in making it possible for you to help, by giving back to them what you receive and learn from

I thoroughly enjoy watching grow and improve into something better all the time. For all of you who feel the same, tell the guys just how great they are and how much you enjoy their hard work, consideration and time, as well as their dedication to and you - the fans.

posted by Beckie Seeley on Jun 01, 2000 06:34PM

Its been done. You will notice I have designated a comments area for It is inside the topic group (as is this topic). Thanks so much for the compliments, and the input. Keep it up! Love ya, Codes
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 02, 2000 04:17PM

November, 2003, and we are looking at four years of PHLUX.NET. Wow. As part of my job, I chase down a lot of stuff on the net, and this site is about the greatest one I have come across. Today I got a virtual postcard from Cody, and then I clicked on "cody," and found a veritable tonne of links and pix and messages I had never seen before. Has anybody mentioned lately that Zach is a friggin' genius? At our earliest opportunity, let's all hoist a tall cool one the the Zachmiester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sam aritan on Nov 13, 2003 09:21AM

I'll drink to that!
posted by Zach Beane on Nov 14, 2003 02:19PM

HEAR HERE! zach you da man! Raisin' a frosty one as always...
posted by StU aRt on Nov 14, 2003 02:56PM

4 years ago, the xachman cometh, and the world was covered with Thanks, Zach!
posted by Cody Phipps on Nov 14, 2003 03:06PM