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What's the difference between a porcupine and Princeton?

A porcupine has the pricks on the outside...

posted by sam aritan on Jun 07, 2001 02:18PM

What's the Cuban National Anthem?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

posted by sam aritan on Jun 07, 2001 02:21PM

This area looks to be woefully underutilized, so herewith I, Sam Aritan, present a further series of "funny questions," along with more or less pertinent answers, in the form of a one-act drama entitled "How A Simple Down Home Bass Player can Get Forked in Law School." It seems particularly pertinent as finals approach.....


Setting: Law school classroom.
Cast: Law Professor, law students
Props: Desk, chairs, fork, switch, electrodes attached to students

Law Professor (holding up fork): What am I holding in my hand?

Clint (raising hand): A fork.

Law Professor: (Engages switch)


Law Professor (holding up fork): Again, what am I holding in my hand?

Clint: looks like a fork.......NO! PLEASE DON'T---

Law Professor (Engages switch)


Law Professor (holding up fork): Once again, what am I holding in my hand?

Clint: In certain purely superficial respects, it may resemble what is sometimes referred to as a fork (cf: Latin forkus), depending of course upon the definition of "fork;" however we intend to present expert testimony showing that there are a number of other possible explanations, such that it cannot be determined beyond a reasonable doubt that this is indeed a fork, or for that matter, not a fork, nor with any degree of certainty not in actuality a spoon or knife, or other implement germane to ingestion, per se, depending upon who is being charged two hundred dollars per hour plus expenses; nor have we established beyond a reasonable doubt that, in any binding legal sense, that is your actual hand holding the object in question, or in fact engaging the switch, if in fact it is a switch.....

Law Professor: Excellent answer. (Engages switch again anyway).

posted by sam aritan on Dec 14, 2001 03:39PM