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I'm a phluxed up!
I've seen you guys at UMM many times and have always enjoyed the shows. I can't deny that you cats
are tight. However, in more than one attempt to approach Coty to just say "Hi, how's it going", He's
acted like It's beneath him to be talking to the likes of me. What's up with that, Coty, do you think your some world class musician or are you just naturally
posted by john welch on Feb 14, 2001 02:54AM

Actually, I know Cody quite well, and he is one of the most down-to-earth guys you'll find on the planet. He's very outgoing, not to mention clean, reverent, thrifty, loyal, brave, and friendly to a fault. "Stand-offish" is about the last thing I would say about him. He'll talk to anybody, even me, so he must have been distracted, or occupied, or maybe just zoned out. Of course, we all know that he is indeed "some world class musician," but regarding his alleged aloofness, whaddya all think?
posted by Thudy Cydides on Feb 14, 2001 02:22PM

Hey guy,
I was at the UMM show.
First, I play guitar and I'd like to say that Cody IS a world class musician. Period.
Second I talked to Cody at the show and he was BY FAR the most outgoing guy out of ALL the bands... that dude with the red dreds came close tho. Cody was a cool shit and all my friends thought so too. I don't know man, maybe you tried to catch him when he had shit to do. He was definitely cool to the rest of us.
I wanna know when you guys are gonna play Machias again, cause I'm definatly there. And the disc fuckin rocks too!!!
posted by Marco -- on Feb 15, 2001 12:12PM

I have know Cody for a few years and like everyone else has said, he is very outgoing and extremely nice. All I can offer for a reasoning is that he was probably preoccupied with show details. I used to work with him in the theater and noticed that when he was in the middle of something he is pretty focused. It was probably nothing personal.
posted by Cat Bartash on Feb 20, 2001 10:11AM

The first time I tried to talk to Cody he poked me in the eye and laughed at me cause he knew I'm 98% blind in my other eye.
He's always running off with my crutches, or stealing my wheelchair. Once, when I had a broken arm(that HE broke by jamming a large stick between the spokes on my bike while I was riding past his house) he tossed a mic stand at me, and besides breaking out 3 of my teeth, it knocked me off the stage and broke my other arm.
No, seriously, Cody's one of the nicest, coolest guys I know.

posted by Evan Ackley on Apr 10, 2001 01:17AM

Thanks guys for the positive remarks. John, I'm sorry if I came across as an evil SOB. I'm sure I was busy with someone or something at the time. I try to talk to everyone, but sometimes I'm sure I miss some folks once in a while.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 04, 2003 06:51PM

dude i dont even know the guy and i think he is cool so thats all i have to say
posted by Ron Small on Jun 05, 2003 03:53PM

Thanks Ron.
posted by Cody Phipps on Jun 17, 2003 04:27PM